Year-End Holiday, There’s Avatar 2 Festival at Changi Airport


I can’t believe it, the year-end holidays are in sight. Singapore Changi Airport dressed up by holding an Avatar-themed festival.

Singapore is one of the popular destinations for Indonesians to spend their year-end holidays. Changi Airport holds a Changi Festive Village for tourists from all over the world, especially Indonesia.

The festival, inspired by Avatar: The Way of Water, which will start showing in Indonesian cinemas on December 16, 2022, offers an instagenic installation in the Terminal 3 (T3) Departure area of ​​Changi Airport.

So don’t be surprised, because there will be an Avatar home model, or called Na’vi, with a larger size than the original. Tourists can also see the iconic Na’vi characters from the Avatar 2 movie.

Changi Festival VillageChangi Festive Village Photo: (Changi Airport dock)

Tourists can also explore the Na’vi residences, meet the locals, and witness the amazing light and sound show firsthand. In addition, visitors can experience more than 30 games and carnival rides at Terminal 3 Underground Carnival, one of which is the go-kart game.

Jayson Goh, Managing Director of Airport Operations Management, Changi Airport Group said that the return of visitors via air travel and the re-opening of Changi Airport make this an important and exciting year for Changi Airport.

Changi Festival VillageChangi Festive Village Photo: (Changi Airport dock)

“Back again for the third year, Changi Festive Village continues to offer a wide selection of exciting experiences for tourists. This year we offer many exciting and fun activities, including an amazing time-travel experience with the theme ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’. “We also offer a relaxed and eco-friendly glamping experience, workshops, and other experiences. We hope that many visitors will join us at Changi Airport to celebrate and enjoy this year-end holiday and create beautiful memories,” he said in an official statement.

Coinciding with the moment of Christmas, this festival also features a tall, beautiful and iconic Christmas tree at the Prudential Christmas Tree. Travelers can feel the artificial snowfall in the Shiseido Forest Valley in Jewel.

The world’s first light and sound show (Light & Sound) with the theme of Avatar 2 at HSBC Rain Vortex also completes the festival. Don’t miss the projection of underwater life at Canopy Park, and enjoy camping at the Changi Experience Studio.

Changi Festival VillageChangi Festive Village Photo: (Changi Airport dock)

“With the end of the year celebrations and holiday fun just around the corner, we’re excited to welcome back to many people’s favorite activities, such as snowfall and the Christmas Light & Sound show. We’re excited to bring you a unique underwater world inspired by ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ in our Canopy Park area, including a Light & Sound show. The Prudential Singapore Jewel Christmas tree with an underwater tunnel is an experience that we designed to remind us all to take a break in the midst of this busy life. We look forward to all the activities we design can welcome you and your family to have a great time at Jewel,” James Fong, Chief Executive Officer, Jewel Changi Airport.

In addition, travelers can also have a year-end shopping experience at Changi as well as Jewel, and get the opportunity to redeem exclusive Avatar: The Way of Water merchandise for S$9.90 from Changi Airport.

“For travelers on their way home or starting their adventure, we hope you can have a great time at Jewel with your friends and family,” added James Fong.

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