Yamaha’s New Motorcycle Concocted by Former F1 Engineers Ready to be Tested in September


Yamaha will completely overhaul the YZR-M1 to face the upcoming 2023 season. Unmitigated, Yamaha has even recruited former Formula 1 engineers. The Yamaha YZR-M1 2023 prototype is ready to be tested in September 2022.

The Director of the Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Team, Massimo Meregalli, is satisfied with Fabio Quartararo’s performance so far, which has brought the Monster Energy Yamaha team up to the top of the temporary riders’ standings after nine series of MotoGP.

But on the other hand, Meregalli does not deny that the current YZR-M1 Quartararo motorcycle still faces two main weaknesses, in terms of acceleration and achieving top speed.

“Fabio is improving all the time. He is faster this year than last year, but it doesn’t surprise me, because I have worked with him for a year and a half. I know him, his determination is very strong,” Meregalli explained. Speedweek.

“Fabio’s strengths are that he has fun and transfers his composure to the team. At the same time, he is very focused on his work. He is able to use the power of his bike 100%,” Meregalli continued.

To meet Quartararo’s request for more power, Yamaha has hired Luca Marmorini, a former Ferrari Formula 1 engineer to oversee the engine’s development. He guarantees that the new M1 will be more powerful.

“The bike will definitely be faster. I’m sure of it, because Takahiro Sumi has been the head of development. He’s always open-minded. He knows where we are bad and where we are good. He has the power to lead development, I’m sure of everything. will change. Marmorini is part of this new way of working because we have never involved external consultants in our projects,” he said.

“At the Misano test in September (2022), we will start testing with the first version of the bike (Yamaha YZR-M1) 2023,” said Meregalli.