Yamaha’s new electric motorbike will launch soon, the price is IDR 30 million


Yamaha E-Vino the latest is said to be launching in Japan soon. The classic-style electric scooter reportedly gets a number of refreshments, especially in the specifications and color options.

Disitat from Greatbiker, Tuesday 30 August 2022, the latest Yamaha E-Vino now comes with salted egg white and blue colors. However, the design still adheres to the previous model, which is small in size with a rounded body and lights.

The new electric motor is only able to withstand a passenger weight of 100 kilograms. That’s why, even though the seat extends backwards, it’s not recommended for a ride.

Not only that, in terms of power, the Yamaha E-Vino will also find it difficult if you have to carry two passengers at once. The vehicle is equipped with an engine that is only capable of generating power of 1.2 hp and peak torque of 7.8 Nm.

While the battery uses the code ESB6 with a capacity of 50V 12.2Ah which can only cover a distance of approximately 32 kilometers in full condition. The battery takes 3 hours to charge from zero to 100 percent.

Turning to the features, the electric motor is equipped with full LED lighting, a digital instrument panel that contains a lot of information about the vehicle, two driving modes (standard and run), and a fairly spacious luggage space.

The Yamaha E-Vino which only weighs 68 kilograms uses drum brakes at the front and rear, while the wheel rims measure 10 inches on both sides.

Although it has been launched, the new Yamaha E-Vino will only be sold in a few months. Reportedly, the electric motor is priced at 286 thousand yen, equivalent to Rp. 30 million. The price does not include incentives or price discounts that have been prepared by the local government.

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