Yamaha Boss Believes Quartararo To Become MotoGP World Champion Even If The Chances Are Small


Yamaha boss Lin Jarvis believes Fabio Quartararo can overtake Francesco Bagnaia at the top of the standings and close the 2022 season as champion. According to Jarvis, in a competition like MotoGP, various possibilities can happen.

Currently, Quartararo is 23 points behind Bagnaia at the top of the table. While the race only leaves one more series, namely in Valencia, Spain. That’s a sign, Bagnaia only needs an additional 3 points to ensure himself as the 2022 MotoGP champion.

However, Jarvis has not considered this season over. Because, no matter how small it is, Quartararo’s chances of winning the title are still open.

“We are still in competition, so we have to have fun. It’s not easy. But hey, in this game, anything can happen,” Jarvis said when asked about Quartararo’s chances of retaining the title, quoted from Motorsport, Tuesday (25/10). /2022).

Lin Jarvis. Photo: Getty Images/Mirco Lazzari gp

During his years involved in MotoGP, Lin Jarvis has often witnessed miracles that are hard to imagine. For example, in the 2006 season. At that time, Valentino Rossi was almost certain to win. However, in the last series, the Italian rider fell. So, it was Nicky Hayden who finally won the title.

“I remember going to Valencia in 2006. We were from the Camel Yamaha team. Valentino (Rossi) was going to be world champion. But the unthinkable happened. Vale crashed and Nicky (Hayden) became champion. So anything can happen. We’ll see. ” he explained.

According to Jarvis, Bagnaia and all the Ducati riders have impressed throughout this season. That’s why, it’s no wonder they managed to dominate the standings. However, he said, it did not mean that Quartararo performed poorly.

In the last few series, Jarvis realized, El Diablo had a number of problems. However, his performance improved again during the Malaysian MotoGP, last weekend.

“I know in the Malaysian MotoGP, he is racing again with his style, smooth and precise. So I think that gives him a big confidence boost.”

SPIELBERG, AUSTRIA - AUGUST 21: Fabio Quartararo of France and Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP and Francesco Bagnaia of Italy and Ducati Lenovo Team shake hands after the race at parc ferme during the race of the CryptoDATA MotoGP of Austria at Red Bull Ring on August 21, 2022 in Spielberg, Austria.  (Photo by Steve Wobser/Getty Images)Bagnaia and Quartararo. Photo: Getty Images/Steve Wobser

In the end, Jarvis once again emphasized, his side had not given up. Now, he hopes, there is a miracle from the sky that makes Quartararo able to win the title this season.

“Everything is at stake (in the Valencia GP). We’ll see. We need a little help from above (a miracle),” he said.

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