Yamaha believes there will be Toprak and Quartararo from Indonesia


The feel of Indonesia is already attached to the world of World Superbike (WSBK) and MotoGP, because there is a tagline “Getting Ahead” on Yamaha factory motorbikes. On the other hand, Yamaha hopes that there will be young racers from Indonesia who can take part in international racing championships.

The tagline “More and more in front” is attached to the motorbike body to the racer’s wearpack. The slogan was replaced with the Blue Core logo attached to the front cowling and belly of the motorbike starting in the 2015 season of the 9th series of the German MotoGP at Sachsenring. But for WSBK it is still installed on the motorbike fairing.

President Director & CEO of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM), Minoru Morimoto explained the reason for using the tagline is getting ahead, because Indonesia is one of the most important markets for this tuning fork manufacturer, even though it is not the biggest market in the world.

“At Yamaha, Indonesia is an important country, because of the size of the market, its potential, its economic growth. Yamaha Japan is doing something important for the Indonesian market, so we put it even further ahead,” said Minoru at the Mandalika Circuit area last weekend.

“Demand from India is number one, China is number two, for Yamaha, requests from Indonesia are also good,” he added.

Minoru, a man who is active in the world of racing, hopes that Indonesia will also have top-class racers to compete in WSBK or MotoGP. Yamaha itself once brought Galang Hendra to participate in the Supersport class.

“WSBK has Toprak more at the front, in MotoGP Fabio is more at the front,” said Minoru.

“Moto2 is not from Yamaha machines, but Triumph. We want Indonesian racers to grow with Yamaha, this is the idea. It’s good if you have local heroes from Indonesia,” said Minoru.

“Moto2 has a mastercamp, that could be one of the solutions. If there are good riders we can communicate with the team, we can send riders from Indonesia to enter,” he added.

“Yamaha Japan understands that there are many good racers from Europe such as Italy, France, Spain. But Yamaha Japan also believes that Indonesia also has many good racers such as Galang, Aldi. Yamaha Japan sometimes contacts us to ask Indonesian riders to reach a higher level. ” Minoru explained.

Well, on the other hand, infrastructure is indeed a difficult thing to find talent or racers from Indonesia. Minoru Morimoto, who also served as President of Yamaha Motor Deutschland GmbH (YMG), explained that it was easier to find racers in Germany when compared to Indonesia.

“Yamaha Germany is very good for the system, the preparation, the ability of the riders, the school system there,” said Minoru.

Minoru also has a wish for three manufacturers such as Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki to race together with Yamaha such as Suzuka 8 hours in Japan. One of the goals is to recruit young racers from Indonesia.

“We do it ourselves, we hope Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki join us. To make the biggest racing event,” said Minoru.

“Mandalika is a good circuit, but it’s not easy to get here,” he said.

“We hope Sentul will be repaired, because there are lots of holes there.” Minoru said.

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