Yamaha admits that the motorbike is slow, so it looks fast because Quartararo is out of bounds


Managing Director of Yamaha Motor Racing, Lin Jarvis, admitted that the Yamaha YZR-M1 MotoGP motorbike was less fast than its competitors. According to Jarvis, the YZR-M1 is still able to compete at the highest level because Fabio Quartararo drove the M1 beyond his limits.

Yamaha had to be content with being runner-up in MotoGP 2022. The manufacturer from Iwata, Japan, has been losing consistently to Ducati. The main cause of Yamaha’s failure this season was because the YZR-M1 motorbike never improvised.

In his statement, Monster Energy Yamaha rider, Fabio Quartararo, always complained about the performance of the Yamaha M1, which lost top speed and acceleration from its competitors, especially Ducati. Quartararo also complained about the Yamaha M1 which he felt lacked rear tire grip.

Quartararo was 91 points ahead of the Ducati racer, Francesco Bagnaia. But with consistent performance, finally Bagnaia was able to overtake these points and claim the 2022 MotoGP world title. On the other hand, Yamaha’s performance actually plummeted towards the end of the season.

“Of course, I’m not very happy (with the results of the season), but I want to congratulate the team, Fabio, everyone who worked on this project. We gave everything and I think everyone can see this year, that our bike is definitely not the fastest,” Jarvis was quoted as saying Motosan.

Managing Director of Yamaha Motor Racing, Lin Jarvis Photo: Getty Images/Mirco Lazzari gp

Jarvis was also not shy about saying that Yamaha was greatly helped by Quartararo’s skills and abilities. Jarvis said Quartararo had raced beyond his limits.

“Many times Fabio raced at the limit, but sometimes outside the limit,” continued Jarvis.

“I think we should be happy, we know we have given our best, we have given everything. We obviously need more progress next year,” he said.

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