Very Painful! Regrets Pol Espargaro Turned Down Suzuki’s Golden Opportunity, Got PHP Yamaha


Pol Espargaro, no matter how difficult it is now, has learned from the past. Before joining Honda, KTM, this Spanish rider felt very sorry for rejecting the Suzuki team’s invitation.

Espargaro made his first appearance in MotoGP with Yamaha Tech 3. But the relationship with the manufacturer bearing the tuning fork did not last. Pol Espargaro debuted in 2014 and split at the end of the 2016 season.

Pol Espargaro is a 2013 Moto3 champion who moved up to MotoGP with Yamaha. The best result during the Yamaha uniform was finishing fourth in France.

“After my first season at Yamaha. I was able to finish fifth, very close to Dovizioso, the Ducati rider. And that year Suzuki returned to the world championship, and I got an offer,” said Pol Espargaro as quoted from MotoGP, Tuesday (7/7). /12/2021).

When recruited by Monster Yamaha Tech 3, Pol Espargaro was promised a promotion to Movistar Yamaha in 2015. This rider was willing to stay and refused Suzuki’s offer.

“I had an appointment from Yamaha and they talked, as you can imagine Rossi’s retirement. And at that moment I thought after the first year I was almost in the top five, ‘OK, wait maybe you will get into the factory team’,” remembers Espargaro.

But the chance for Pol Espargaro to be promoted to Movistar Yamaha MotoGP was closed after the team decided to extend the contracts of the two riders, namely Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi. The duo will at least last until their contract expires in 2016.

“And then I saw Suzuki developing very quickly. At that moment I said ‘OK, you made the wrong decision, you should have moved when you had the chance (to the factory team)’,” said Espargaro.

In 2017 Pol Espargaro then left Yamaha Tech 3. He joined without hesitation the new manufacturer KTM in the MotoGP class.

“When you are still strong, you have to move to another factory team. And I said ‘OK, Suzuki is different from KTM, he (Suzuki) has been in MotoGP in the past, but KTM is really new here’. But if you don’t take an offer that, KTM can win and the podium, I can’t live in peace,” he said.

Espargaro’s move from Yamaha to KTM though was difficult at first. The result? Pol Espargaro presented the first podium for KTM in the 2018 season. He also recorded five podiums with the Austrian manufacturer in MotoGP 2020.

Now Pol Espargaro has to start from scratch again. Because he made his debut with Honda Racing, as a teammate, Marc Marquez.

Now when he is in Honda’s factory uniform, he admits that he has difficulties with the Honda RC213V. Even though Pol Espargaro broke an egg while on the podium at the MotoGP Emilia Romagna 2021.

“Maybe staying at KTM is much more comfortable. But if I had this opportunity (to join the Honda factory team) and retired without not knowing what would happen, I would not forgive myself,” said Espargaro as quoted by GPone, Tuesday (7/7). /12/2021).

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