Tourism Princess Will Wear Pancasila Costume at International Event


Miss Tourism 2021 finalist Dita Zulaika will compete in the Miss Tourism International event. He will introduce Indonesia’s valor through the Pancasila costume.

Dita Zulaika will take part in the Miss Tourism International 2022/2023 election in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia on November 11-25, 2022. Representing Indonesia in international competitions, Dita will introduce Indonesian tourism, especially her home region, Bangka Belitung.

Dita admitted that she had done a lot of preparations. He has learned a lot since February 2022.

“The preparations I did started from public speaking exercises, catwalks and further deepening of information about tourism. In the contest I will promote Indonesian tourism through wastra,” he said.

The wastra that will be presented by Dita contains a unique motif, which contains the story of Indonesian history. According to him, the interesting side of Indonesia can not only be immortalized through photos or videos, but can also be photographed in the form of cloth.

Princess of Indonesia Tourism 2021Dita Zulaika, Princess of Indonesian Tourism 2021 Photo: Putu Intan/detikTravel

In addition to wastra, the girl who was born on August 28, 1998 will wear a national costume titled Pancasila The Shield of Indonesia. This costume is designed by designer Abata Bayu in collaboration with the NTT Provincial Dekranasda and Levico Butik.

The costume is inspired by the history of the city of Ende which is so attached to Pancasila as the symbol of the state. This costume tells the story of the sense of nationalism and the struggle of the Indonesian people for prosperity and independence.

In addition to the national costume, Dita will also wear a Cocktail Dress designed by Hlasia and Kebaya by Bali Citra Kebaya.

Before flying to Kuching, Dita expressed her gratitude to the EL JOHN Indonesia Foundation and all parties who have entrusted themselves to participate in the Miss Tourism International 2022/2023 election.

“Hopefully my performance can make the Indonesian people proud and those who have supported me since I prepared for my departure as well as when I went through this contest. Please pray and support me so that I can give the best for the nation and country,” said Dita.

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