Those in Bogor docked, there are cool and fun fruit and plant tours


Nature tourism in Bogor, West Java, is increasing again. Yes, Bogor Fruit Garden can now be a new choice for people who want to enjoy a green atmosphere while getting education about various fruits and plants.

Location of Bogor Fruit Garden

The newly inaugurated Bogor Fruit Garden is located in Mount Menyan, Kec. Pamijahan, Bogor Regency, West Java. The location of this tourist spot managed by the Sahid Group can be reached from the direction of Parung, or via the Bogor Ring toll road with a distance of about 2.5 hours from in smooth traffic conditions.

The inauguration of the Bogor Fruit Garden was carried out on Friday 8 July 2022 by the Vice President Director of Sahid Hotels & Resorts Exacty B. Sryantoro, Director of Business Development & Sales Marketing of Sahid Hotels & Resorts Vivi Herlambang and the management of Bogor Fruit Garden. The inauguration was marked by the cutting of the ribbon and the release of the dove.

Bogor Fruit Garden Facilities

Present as one of the natural attractions in West Java, Bogor Fruit Garden invites the public to be part of the excitement of the Grand Opening entitled “Funtastic Festival”. As the name implies, the series of openings which will be held from 2 to 8 July 2022 is enlivened with a varied agenda, which will certainly make visitors feel a different gardening sensation.

There are many fun places for selfies, from park chairs to hot air balloons.

Bogor Fruit Garden can now be a new choice for people who want to enjoy the green atmosphere while getting education about fruits and plants.Hot air balloon at Bogor Fruit Garden, a selfie magnet for visitors Photo: Dadan Kuswaraharja

Bogor Fruit Garden presents fun study facilities and is environmentally friendly that will invite students and millennials as well as the general public to grow crops, garden with ornamental plants and medicinal plants, herbs, and cosmetic ingredients.

The three mainstay spots of this park are the flower garden, tabulampot (fruit), to the herbal plant area (pharmacies) which can be used as learning media. Visitors who like exploring animals will also meet and interact with kate chickens, guinea fowl, fan pigeons, and rabbits at the mini zoo owned by Bogor Fruit Garden.

“Not only to support going green, but also to preserve the environment and can still be used as a fun refreshing facility,” said Exacty.

In addition to studying in nature, visitors can also hangout at Le Gimutis Café and are treated to mountain scenery that can spoil the eyes and don’t forget to shop for souvenirs at the souvenir shop that offers a variety of fruit-concept merchandise.

Temporary President Director of Sahid Hotels & Resorts Hariyadi B. Sukamdani, stated that the presence of the Bogor Fruit Garden will support the needs of Sahid Islamic Boarding School students, which are right next to this park, so that they can learn and practice directly.

“Our students can learn about biological or biological sciences, and the public can see firsthand the entire area of ​​SAHID Tourism and Education Park Bogor, both in terms of education and nature tourism,” said Hariyadi.

Bogor Fruit Garden Ticket

The grand opening lasted for one full week, equipped with different entertainment every day, ranging from reptile education, cooking classes, group gymnastics, gardening with a direct guide, and fun acoustic performances. The entrance ticket is also free on the first day, which is July 2, 2022 until today, and only around Rp. 10,000 to Rp. 15,000 for the following days.

When it was opened to visitors this afternoon, hundreds of visitors immediately filled the Bogor Fruit Garden, they interacted lightly with the reptiles that were accompanied by the provision of information from the Bojong Gede Animal Community and Animals Education and Socialization.

Can stay

Tourists who want to take a walk in Bogor Fruit Garden can also stay at the Adiroso Executive by SAHID guest house which is also in the Sahid Tourism and Education Park area of ​​Bogor. One stay starting from IDR 300 thousand visitors will get free access to Bogor Fruit Garden.

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