This woman doesn’t realize she’s pregnant while on vacation, comes home straight away


This woman named Becca Ellis has gone viral on Tiktok. Because of that, she didn’t realize she was pregnant while on vacation. A week after the holiday, she suddenly gave birth.

Becca made a Tiktok video about her unique case. Becca didn’t even realize that she was pregnant. He also went on vacation to Spain. During that vacation, Becca just felt pain in her stomach.

To Becca’s surprise when she returned from Spain and went to see her doctor in Manchester, she was told that she was 7 months pregnant and the baby had to be delivered next week.

“POV: you came home from vacation to find out that you are 7 months pregnant and will give birth to a baby in the next 1 week,” Becca wrote on her Tiktok, as quoted Friday (21/10/2022).

Furthermore, Becca explained the health condition she had. Becca didn’t even know she was pregnant. That’s because Becca was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma in 2016.

Becca Ellis Doesn't Know She's Pregnant During VacationBecca Ellis Doesn’t Know She’s Pregnant During Vacation Photo: (TikTok)

Becca also underwent various types of treatment, including radiotherapy, chemotherapy and stem cell treatment. The side effect of various medical procedures that Becca could have lost her fertility.

“My ovaries were removed and frozen to maintain my fertility after the medical treatment was completed. I did not have my period and was told I was going through medical menopause, which means I will not be able to have children normally,” explains Becca.

But a miracle happened to Becca’s body. A tiny, innocent creature managed to survive in her womb. During the holidays in Spain, Becca just felt herself a little bit fat.

In her Tiktok video, Becca also shows her body condition which is not much different from the first to seventh month of pregnancy. Her stomach doesn’t look like it’s growing. No wonder she didn’t realize she was pregnant.

Becca did not experience pregnancy symptoms. Until that holiday in Spain, he just started to feel something strange in his body.

“I started experiencing symptoms of pre-eclampsia in Spain. Only then did I realize something was wrong with my body. I couldn’t believe it until I went back to Manchester and did tests,” explained Becca.

Finally, Becca underwent an emergency cesarean section on the advice of her doctor. Elijah’s baby was born at 28 weeks of pregnancy on July 1, 2022. Becca was very fond of Elijah.

“He is an amazing baby boy. I am very proud of him. He has come a very long way, the two of us to be precise,” concluded Becca.

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