There’s a Place to Play with New Children in Tangsel, You Can Try This!

South Tangerang

Travelers who are already married can invite their children to play in a newly opened playground in the South Tangerang area.

The newly opened children’s play area is Kidzilla, which has been around for a long time in Bintaro Plaza, South Tangerang city, Banten. Currently, the game venue has been completely refurbished.

The game arena is now wider and more games are presented. With this new atmosphere, travelers are expected to feel more secure and comfortable when playing at Kidzilla.

“Kidzilla Bintaro Plaza consists of approximately 10 games, namely: Role Play, Donut Slide, Sand Pit, Mini Trampoline, Volcano, Wide Slide, Funnel Slide, Stage Activity, Train, and Web. Activities that Kidzilla holds every day, namely: Fun Coloring, Fun Let’s Dance, Fun-Edu Games, and Fun Creation,” said Marthin A Sihite, Sales & Marcomm Funworld Prima in his statement, Sunday (16/10/2022).

The various games and activities available at Kidzilla have the benefits needed to support the child’s growth period. Such as training motor nerves through Donut Slide, Mini Trampoline, Wide Slide, Funnel Slide, and Web games.

Kidzilla BintaroKidzilla Bintaro Photo: (doc. Kidzilla)

There are also games that train the sensory nerves through the ball bath area and the Sand Pit. Meanwhile, to train children’s creativity from an early age, you can use Role Play games.

“Fun Activity activities can help children in recognizing colors, because of the colorful design of the Kidzilla area. So, every child who plays at Kidzilla can play while learning with Mom and Dad, and even get to know new friends,” added Martin.

Kidzilla implements standard health protocols for every visitor. All employees and visitors who enter the play area are required to wear masks, measure body temperature, use hand sanitizers that have been provided at the entrance to the play area, and prioritize social distancing conditions to minimize transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Cleanliness standards have also been carried out periodically in the morning before operating hours, in between operating hours, and after operating hours end. The employees have also carried out vaccines to the booster stage and they will always remind visitors to continue to comply with health protocols.

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