There is a Barbershop in Garut, 100% Guaranteed to Work!


On average, men will cut their hair in three weeks. Based on that, now so many barbershops have sprung up. In Garut there is even a school!

The calculation was expressed by Rijal Fadhilah. He is the manager of the Abah Atrox Barber School LPK which is located on Jalan Adiwinata, Peundeuy Village, Banyuresmi Village, Garut.

“This barbershop starts from one student, Rp. 500,000 for up to 30 days. They are given models after 4-6 days, they come from friends or neighbors, they are persuaded to give them food or coffee because shaving for models can take up to an hour,” said Rijal .

Currently there are 12 students there and the institution has produced 36 batches with a total of 500 students. Those who come from outside Java will be provided with a mess.

“This barbering school was founded in 2016. It’s a training place for barbers or hair artists, starting from zero to being proficient here,” he said.

“Graduates are placed in barbershops throughout Indonesia. They are directed and placed, so after graduation they are not left alone and work opportunities are 100% straight away,” explained Rijal.

Barber School Abah AtroxBarber School Abah Atrox (Photo: Pradita Utama/detikcom)

Continuing the conversation above, the Head of Asgar Indonesia, Irawan Hidayah, said that every student who had gone through the training would receive a certificate. It was proof that the student had studied at LPK Barber School Abah Atrox Garut and was recommended to a barbershop or barbeshop.

Good behavior is also one of the requirements to pass

Then what are the requirements for graduation from this barbershop? Not only proficient, barber students are also required to behave and serve gently.

“The assessment is from the teacher from the mentor who will later assess whether the student is worthy or not and can work. Because there are stages ranging from basic/beginner to advanced,” said Irawan.

“The process must start from practical and theoretical education, as well as attitude and religion are also taught here. All religions exist, but most of them are now Muslim, there are also non-Muslims,” ​​he explained.

Barber School Abah AtroxBarber School Abah Atrox (Photo: Pradita Utama/detikcom)

Barber School Abah Atrox barber school students come from Sumatra, Kalimantan, and on the island of Java itself from Banten to Indramayu. Then, does the essence of Asgar (originally Garut) fade?

“So actually Asgar is the barber who comes from Garut, yes. But because this barbering school is also not exclusive, it only accepts students from here. But the knowledge taught is Asgar’s knowledge. Not the knowledge where they come from,” explained Irawan.

“So where they work and where they come from, they bring their knowledge to work,” he said.

Barber School Abah Atrox barbershop will be trained for a minimum of one month and a maximum of three months. The range of costs that must be spent reaches IDR 3-4 million.

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