The latest development of Jurassic Park Komodo, the building is finished


The building that was touted as Jurassic Park Komodo the facade is visible. The location of this facility is on Rinca Island.

Head of Hall Komodo National ParkLukita Awang, said that the form of the Jurassic Park building is a stage type.

“So the shape is an elevated deck, then there is an information center museum. Tourists traveling above do not have direct contact with komodo dragonit,” said Lukita at a press conference with the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga UnoMonday (11/7/2022).

“The buffalo is below and the dragons,” he added.

komodo dragonLoh Buaya Rinca (Photo: Kurnia/detikTravel)

So, because of the Jurassic Park stage building, officers or rangers can avoid puddles or rob. Not only that, its existence also makes Komodo National Park guards comfortable.

“And, with the arrangement of the infrastructure for natural tourism, our officers will make it easier and more comfortable, as well as the tourists later,” said Lukita.

Last March, explained Lukita, the Indonesian government had invited the UNESCO and IUCN teams to attend the event Loh Crocodile Rinca. At that time, Komodo National Park ensured and conveyed to them that as long as the arrangement of natural tourism facilities and infrastructure there, the reproduction of Komodo dragons will continue as it should.

“We also have evidence that the Komodo dragon which in 2018 weighed 9.8 kg, in 2021 it will be 20 kg. We have data so we collect data every year. In Loh crocodile, Komodo dragons are not affected by the tourism infrastructure,” he said.

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