The Importance of Caring for an Automatic Motor Transmission, Here’s How


The automatic motor offers convenience from the operational side, because the driver does not need to step on the gear or pull the clutch lever. Even so, users of automatic motorbikes should not miss doing maintenance so that the vehicle remains prime when used.

Yamaha DDS 3 (Central Java & Yogyakarta) explained in its official statement, here are the steps to take care of the automatic motor transmission system:

1. Check V belt on CVT

CVT or Continuously Variable Transmission which is useful for transmitting power from the engine to the rear wheels. V-belts that are not maintained or have aged can cause breakage and endanger the safety of the rider.

2. Check the roller section on the CVT

The part of the CVT that functions as an outlet pressure on the roller housing. This can provide changes to the V belt mechanism so that the wheels can move. In the automatic motor, the roller serves to help regulate the engine speed from low to high.

3. Take care of the clutch lining

To distribute engine power to the rear wheels, a clutch lining component is needed. If these components start to wear out or erode, then the power delivered is less than optimal.

4. Change the transmission oil regularly

Its function is to lubricate the narrow gaps in the CVT gear which makes it able to withstand high temperatures on lubrication power. So, so that CVT performance can be optimal, you must regularly change the transmission oil.

5. Perform periodic service and use genuine spare parts (original)

For automatic transmission performance, check regularly at an authorized workshop. Part checking and cleaning of the CVT area to reduce friction levels caused by dust/dirt. In addition, it is recommended to always use original spare parts.

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