The awesomeness of the Manggarai Yasa Hall has been broken


The Manggarai train is often seen as a horror. However, the spooky impression faded because the Manggarai Yasa Hall was neatly and cleanly arranged.

That friendly impression detikTravel get it when you visit the Manggarai Yasa Center on Tuesday (27/9/2022). This train workshop is indeed open to the public for 3 days from September 26-28 in commemoration of the 77th Anniversary of PT KAI.

During that visit, detikTravel had time to tour the workshop starting from the maintenance of air conditioners, wheels, bogies, to carriages. There, visitors were greeted by friendly and neat staff of Balai Yasa Manggarai. In addition, the situation of a clean workshop was also seen.

A Closer Look at the Railway Workshop at Balai Yasa ManggaraiManggarai Yasa Center. Photo: Pradita Utama/detikcom

Executive Vice President of Balai Yasa Manggarai Irwansyah revealed that cleanliness in the workshop has indeed become part of the SOP. In contrast to workshops in general, which are usually dirty, Balai Yasa Manggarai employees must maintain cleanliness for the convenience of train customers.

“Employees must be healthy and clean. Friends have to get used to what was originally dirty, now they have to be clean. If the train is dirty, do customers want to use it? Of course it’s uncomfortable. That’s why train branding starts from the most basic in the workshop to marketing, it presents the best in society,” he said.

A Closer Look at the Railway Workshop at Balai Yasa ManggaraiManggarai Yasa Center. Photo: Pradita Utama/detikcom

Related to this, Irwansyah also denied the impression of horror at the Manggarai Yasa Hall. According to him, currently the Manggarai Yasa Center has transformed into a comfortable train maintenance and repair place.

“In the past on Youtube there was a Manggarai ghost train or the scariest area at the Manggarai Yasa Center. While I was the Head of the Yasa Center, I’ve never met (a ghost) in fact,” he said.

“Even if I see you, I’ll tell you to clean up. You have to obey. Anyone here wants humans, they have to obey. Because it’s nothing, if we get that impression, Demit should be ashamed that we have had a name since the SS era. The Netherlands) why are you proud to be called scary,” he said.

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