Survey of Indonesian Young People Prefer Foreign Culinary


An astonishing data is revealed. That, today’s young people prefer culinary from other countries.

This was revealed by William Wijanarko, CEO of Ultima Asia Network. To reporters, Sunday (11/13/2022), he said that the data was taken from two survey institutions.

“Ultima Asia Network and Unilever Indonesia have the same perspective on the culinary industry in Indonesia. We want Indonesian cuisine to be hosted in our own country and to be the top of mind for Indonesian culinary enthusiasts,” he said.

“The Bango Snack Festival (FJB) 2022 is the answer to continue to introduce Indonesian culinary treasures to the public, especially the millennial and gen-z generations who currently prefer to choose culinary menus from other countries,” he added.

Interest in local cuisine in Indonesia, he said, is still inferior to interest in international cuisine. This can be seen from the survey data released by Qraved and Statistica.

They show that Indonesian cuisine is not the main choice and is still inferior to Korean, Thai, Japanese, and Chinese dishes.

This approach is the essence of holding FJB this year. If people do not know and feel directly the delicacy and variety of flavors of Indonesian dishes, then there will be no love for the culinary arts of the country.

Therefore, the FJB event is very important, not only as a festival, but also as a sustainable ecosystem to preserve the culinary arts of the archipelago so that it can be enjoyed by present and future generations.

“From the data and insights we have collected, Unilever Indonesia has trusted Ultima Asia Network to design a comprehensive and integrated communication strategy (360-degree communication). Business units under our network such as Ultima Activation, Air Fresh, and Ultra8 synergize together to present an event with attractive, informative, and interactive packaging for consumers,” he said.

“Air Segar is responsible for making the overall communication strategy for this FJB campaign, and Ultra8 is trusted to make digital strategies and their implementation. Meanwhile, Ultima Activation is in charge of strategy and implementation of events in the field,” continued William.

Culinary FestivalCulinary festival (Photo: Special)

FJB 2022 which was just held to commemorate the Youth Pledge Day as well as to welcome Heroes’ Day. Held in the East Parking Plaza Area, GBK Senayan and carrying the theme ‘Know the Taste of Indonesia’ was also visited by a number of ministers, such as Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno, Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi, and Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi.

“I appreciate the 17th FJB 2022. In 17 years of its implementation, FJB has even become a separate brand,” said Sandiaga, who even went around to taste a number of dishes available at hundreds of booths at the event.

“I’m very happy, they are consistent in developing the brand, as well as consistently developing culinary tourism, which is the most awaited by the Indonesian people,” he said.

FJB 2022 was successful by presenting 90 archipelago snack outlets from Sumatra, Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua, and attracted nearly 100,000 visitors and more than 120,000 dishes sold.

The FJB event themed “Know the Taste of Indonesia” which aims to invite Indonesian people to know and enjoy various legendary Indonesian culinary delights directly from Culinary Vendors.

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