Surgical Specifications Yamaha E01 Electric Scooter, Torque is More Gahar than 250 cc Motors


Yamaha has officially revealed the detailed specifications of their prototype electric scooter, Yamaha E01. From these data, it is known that the E01 has a very large torque, even exceeding the torque of a 250 cc motor.

Yamaha has not officially introduced and sold the Yamaha E01 in Indonesia. This week detikOto together with several national media had the opportunity to directly try out electric motors, which tasted very similar to Nmax.

Here are the complete specifications of the Yamaha E01:

1. Futuristic Design

E01 comes with the concept of Human-Centric Justaposed Design, which emphasizes a modern impression and cleanness. This concept combines two objects, themes, materials and colors to produce very contrasting visualizations. The motorcycle body is wrapped in pearl white, while the functional parts are given a touch of black. The stripping and Yamaha logo also come with a Cyan or “Yamaha Aqua” color theme. This is a combination of Yamaha’s iconic racing blue color with green which represents the color of nature.

2. Powerful Electric Scooter

E01 is equipped with a lithium Ion battery power source that can produce a maximum power of 8.1 kW. With that power, this electric scooter can reach a top speed of up to 100 km/h (depending on road conditions, rider weight, and riding style).

3. Driving Mode

To accommodate the diverse driving characteristics of its users, the E01 is also equipped with 3 driving modes, namely Power, Standard, and Eco. Power mode is suitable for dealing with uphill roads that require high power and acceleration. Then the Standard mode, can be used for driving on urban roads that tend to be flat so it doesn’t require a lot of power to move. While Eco mode, it is recommended to use when traveling long distances to save battery consumption.

4. EV Motor

One of the advantages of the E01 electric vehicle is its high rpm electric motor. Capable of generating power of 8.1 kW / 5,000 r / min and torque of 30.2 Nm / 1,950 r / min in power driving mode, making the motor pull responsive when driving alone and also
through the uphill road. While in Standard mode the power is 8.1 kW/5,000 r/min and the torque is 24.5 Nm/1,500 r/min. Then in Eco mode, the power that can be produced is 5.4 kW/4,500 r/min and the torque is 21.4 Nm/1,500 r/min.

The maximum torque that the E01 electric scooter can produce is greater than the capacity of a conventional 250 cc motor. For comparison, the Yamaha Xmax has a maximum torque of 24.3 Nm at 5,500 rpm, then the Yamaha MT-25 has a maximum torque of 23.6 Nm at 10,000 rpm.

Yamaha E01 Photo: Luthfi Anshori/detikOto

5. Lithium Ion Battery

E01 uses a fixed power source Lithium-ion battery which is equipped with this built Battery Management System. Having a capacity of 4.9 kWh and a power of 87.6 V / 56.3 Ah makes the E01 able to cover a distance of 104 km (based on internal tests at a constant speed of 60 km / h) when the battery is fully charged.

6. Reverse Mode

The E01 electric vehicle has also been equipped with a Reverse Mode feature that makes it easier for users when parking. With the presence of this feature, the driver can drive backwards at a speed of 1 km / h. The way to operate this feature is simply by pressing and holding the “R” button located on the left handlebar, until the words “R” appear on the driving mode screen, followed by the orange indicator light flashing. After that, continue by pressing and holding the “Mode” button on the steering handlebar on the right to move the motor backwards.

7. Regenerative Brake

Another excellent feature found in this electric scooter is the Regenerative Brake. This feature functions like the engine brake on a conventional vehicle (Internal Combustion Engine) thus making the deceleration process smoother.

8. Y-Connect

E01 has also been equipped with the Y-Connect feature and also a build-in SIM card. With the presence of Y-Connect, users can get information related to battery charging time, battery mileage, battery consumption, parking location, recent trip history, driving route, average speed, ODO
meter, and notifications when the battery is full and when the motor malfunctions.

In addition, the E01 is also equipped with a GPS (anti-theft) device that allows users to monitor the location of the motorbike in real time, even if the motorbike is off and far from the user.

9. 3 Charger Options

The practicality and convenience for E01 users in charging vehicle batteries is provided by Yamaha through the presence of 3 available charger options, namely Fast Charger, Normal Charger, and also Portable Charger.

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