Spread Donuts for Bear Fishing, Police Act on Hunters

New York

A hunter in New York uses donuts as bait to lure bears. And, his actions turned out to be illegal and made the police act.

Launch CNN, it is illegal to lure bears with donuts was declared by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation. Police in the department hiked for miles for several days before they found several areas that appeared to be littered with doughnuts.

Hunting black bears is legal in certain zones and seasons in New York. However, hunters are not allowed to use any bait to attract bears.

By hunters, the donuts are placed in and around trees. Some were put in holes at the base of trees that had been cut down, the police suspect.

Black bear in the wildBlack bear (Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Jillian Cooper)

On October 2, officers found a man using a bow to hunt bears in a donut-strewn area. He also had a large package of donuts in his backpack, police said.

Initially, the hunter claimed the donuts were for his own consumption. It later said that it had dropped it, according to the release.

He was prosecuted for hunting bears with bait and failing to show the backtag that is a sign a hunter needs to legally kill a bear, destroying trees on state land and littering on state land.

He also failed to label his hunting grounds with his name and address. In addition, he also committed other violations, explained the release.

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