Soul GT Injected Dead, This is Yamaha’s Choice of 125 cc Scooter Now


Yamaha Soul GT has officially been injected with death by PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM). One less type, here is a selection of Yamaha 125 cc scooters that are still being sold today.

As explained by the Manager of Public Relations, YRA & Community YIMM, Antonius Widiantoro, the Soul GT had to be discontinued because it was no longer suitable for the changing needs of consumers.

Yamaha Soul GT Photo: M Luthfi Andika

“Yes. Soul GT is currently no longer in production,” said Anton via text message to detikOto, Thursday (30/6/2022).

“Due to product innovation and development, design, and today’s technology is developing fast. Consumer needs are constantly changing. To meet the needs and demands of consumers, we try to fulfill them with the products that we market today. So now we focus on continuing to market the 125th generation of products and answer consumer needs in terms of driving,” continued Anton.

Losing one model, the choice of Yamaha 125 cc scooter models is still quite a lot. From elegant, functional, classic, retro modern, to adventure models. The choices from Yamaha Mio Z, to the most recent model Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid Connected.

The following is a selection of 125 cc Yamaha scooter models and their prices (on the road in Jakarta):

1. Mio Z: IDR 15,800,000

2. Mio S: IDR 16,915,000

3. Fino Premium: IDR 19,585,000

4. Fino Sporty: IDR 19,585,000

5. Fino Grande: IDR 20,725,000

6. Mio M3: IDR 17,135,000

7. Mio M3 AKS SSS: IDR 17,270,000

8. X-Ride: IDR 19,400,000

9. Freego: IDR 19,965,000

10. Freego S Version: IDR 21,520,000

11. Freego S ABS Version: Rp 23,920,000

12. Gear 125 Standard Version: IDR 17,395,000

13. Gear 125 S Version: IDR 18.150.000

14. Fazzio Neo: IDR 21,890,000

15. Fazzio Lux: 22,190,000

Yamaha 125 cc scooter choiceYamaha 125 cc scooter options Photo: Doc. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM)

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