Riding an automatic motorbike is not just gas and brakes, it’s a safe way


Automatic type motorcycle it is practical because the driver only needs to turn the gas and pull the brake lever when operating it. But it turns out that the problem is not that simple. Riding an automatic motorbike also needs to be safe and comfortable, here’s how.

“Riding an automatic motorbike requires proper understanding, especially for novice riders. With a good understanding, it will support rider safety while preventing impacts that can harm other road riders. Therefore, Yamaha through the Yamaha Riding Academy (YRA) consistently provides riding understanding for cyclists motorcycles in Indonesia. We hope this can support a more optimal and enjoyable driving experience,” explained Antonius Widiantoro, Manager of Public Relations, YRA & Community PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing.

Illustration of riding an automatic motorbike Photo: Doc. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM)

There are several basic things that motorcycle riders need to pay attention to, especially beginners to be more confident before driving, including:

1. Using driving equipment

Often motorists travel without paying attention to the outfit they are wearing, even though using driving equipment is the basis for driving safety. It is recommended to use safety gear or riding equipment that is the right size and comfortable, such as an SNI standard helmet, also make sure the helmet visor is closed and the helmet strap is locked. Wear a jacket or long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and closed shoes in order to protect the body optimally. Avoid using high-heeled shoes to make it more stable and balanced, especially when you stop.

2. Pay attention to body position when driving

Looks simple, but important to do. Make sure the driving position must be relaxed starting from the head, hands, body, and feet. Make sure the body position is relaxed with a comfortable sitting position, adjusting the rider’s height. It is recommended that the elbow position (such as hugging a big ball), avoid the straight hand position because it will make the balance decrease, especially when braking and turning. The correct riding position will make the balance of the motorbike better so that the motorbike is more stable and easy to ride.

3. Understand the use of front, rear, and combination brakes

The use of motorcycle brakes is an important thing for all motorcyclists to pay attention to, especially women, especially when passing through traffic jams and medium to high speeds. When road conditions are congested, it is recommended to use the rear brake and avoid using the front brake, especially when turning through several vehicles because it will make the balance of the motorcycle decrease. At medium to high speeds, it is recommended to apply the front and rear brakes simultaneously with smooth or slow operation of the brake lever. Avoid rough brake operation or hard braking to prevent tires from locking and slipping.

4. Understand the use of the gas handle

The automatic motor is easy to drive because to run it, the driver simply turns the gas handle. With a little gas pull already makes the motor go, because the speed of the motor is also determined by the pull of the gas handle. It is recommended to operate the gas slowly or smoothly so that the motor power is easily controlled by the rider. Avoid opening the gas quickly or spontaneously because it will make the motor difficult to control. Therefore, the rider needs to know the character of the motorcycle used, this makes it easier for the rider to control his motorcycle.

Yamaha Mio M3 gets a new color choiceYamaha Mio M3 gets a new color option Photo: Doc. YIMM

5. Mastering various street characters

When driving, the driver will go through various road characters such as bends, derivatives, climbs, bumpy roads, and traffic jams. So it is very important for motorists to master or understand the road being traversed to be more confident so as to reduce the potential for accidents. Motorists can look for alternative roads that are safer and more comfortable to pass.

6. Choose a motorcycle that is easy to ride

If it is the first time using a motorcycle, the rider can choose a motorcycle with a compact, slim, lightweight, and child-friendly body so that the rider is more comfortable and increases self-confidence without having to worry about the weight of the vehicle.

In addition to understanding before driving, riders are also required to comply with traffic regulations, maintain body condition, and motorcycle performance. Riders can maintain the performance of the motorcycle by carrying out regular service according to the recommended time at an official or trusted workshop.

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