Quartararo: Yamaha is in the right direction


Fabio Quartararo mention that Yamaha is heading in the right direction. El Diablo and the Tuning Fork team had good results in the test in Catalunya.

At the Catalunya Circuit, Monday (6/6/2022), the official test MotoGP held. As a result, Quartararo became the fastest with a score of one minute 39.447 seconds.

Quartararo’s record time was slightly ahead of the Ducati rider, Francesco Bagnaia. Rider 23 years 0.004 seconds from Italiano that.

At the start of the season MotoGP 2022, Quartararo complained about Yamaha’s top speed problem. Therefore, it is difficult for Quartararo to compete at the top in four series.

Quartararo only won the podium once, while racing in MotoGP Mandalika. He took the second podium.

In the European series, Quartararo began to rise. The French rider always finished in the top four, won twice, and twice won the second podium.

With the current performance of the YZR-M1 motorcycle, Quartararo also said that Yamaha was heading in the right direction to compete for the world title. Currently, Quartararo is in first place MotoGP standings 2022 with 147 points.

“Yeah, it’s in the right direction. You can compete for the world title with consistent finishes at the top,” Quartararo said at Speedweek.

“However, it will not be easy to achieve this final result in the future. My opponents are very, very strong. I just couldn’t win at Mugello, although I could have been a little faster. We lost too much in terms of acceleration and top speed,” say Quartararo add.

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