Quartararo Explains Reasons for Staying at Yamaha


Fabio Quartararo finally extended his contract with Yamaha until 2024. The reigning MotoGP champion explained why he decided to stay.

“This is not an easy decision. We need more time to evaluate all existing projects. As you can imagine, I’m not just talking to Yamaha,” said Quartararo, quoted by Crash.

“At one point my mind went to one side, then a week later I wanted to go to the other side, and the situation was a bit difficult. Basically, my first goal was to get the best bike and also the best project.”

“They (Yamaha) convinced me (to stay) because they will bring in new people, new engineers, and they know very well which parts need to be improved,” explained Quartararo.

The 23-year-old rider has complained a lot about Yamaha’s performance this season, including about engine speed. Although he is currently at the top of the 2022 MotoGP standings with 12 points, he has only won one of the eight series that have been held.

All the problems that existed made him withhold the offer of a contract extension. In fact, it was reported that he would be hijacked by Honda to become a tandem with Marc Marquez next season.

“In the past, maybe they (Yamaha) tried to improve some areas, but they didn’t admit that the bike (Yamaha) was slower than other manufacturers. Now they know and will fix this weak point,” continued Quartararo.

“To be honest, I feel very good when I ride the bike. Of course any rider always wants more, right. But our only weakness compared to other manufacturers is speed.

“So what made me finally decide to stay at Yamaha is I know they are trying to increase the power of the bike and I feel fine riding it,” explained Quartararo.