Price and Specifications Yamaha Grande 125 2022 Version


Yamaha has just launched the latest generation of retro scooters, the 2022 version of the Grande 125, in Vietnam. This scooter comes with an elegant and luxurious design, but still with a modern feel through a number of modern features that are embedded. Here are the prices and specifications?

Regarding price and type choice, the latest Yamaha Grande 125 is offered in 3 options, the standard version costs 45,900,000 VND (Rp 29.2 million), a special version 50,300,000 VND (Rp 32 million), and a limited edition of 51,000,000 VND ( IDR 32.5 million).

Yamaha Grande 125 2022 Photo: Doc. Yamaha Vietnam

In addition to the new model, Yamaha Vietnam is also still selling the old version, with a standard variant of 45,200,000 VND or Rp. 28.8 million, then a special edition of 49,100,000 VND (Rp. 31.2 million), and a limited edition of 49,600,000 VND (Rp. 31.6 million).

In terms of appearance, the new Grande 125 with the previous version looks not much different. If there is a difference, it can be seen in the design of the front turn signal and the side body design. The design of the headlights is quite similar, but on the new Grande 125 the design looks smaller.

Yamaha Grande 125 2022 VietnamYamaha Grande 125 2022 Vietnam Photo: Doc. Yamaha Vietnam

For dimensions, the 2022 Yamaha Grande 125 has a length of 1,820 mm, a width of 684 mm, and a height of 1,155 mm. The ground clearance is 127 mm, and the wet weight reaches 101 kg.

This motorbike is equipped with a Blue Core Hybrid engine with a capacity of 125 cc with a bore x stroke of 52.4 mm x 57.9 mm. Power is in the range of 8.3 PS at 6,500 rpm and torque of 10.4 Nm at 5,000 rpm.

The Yamaha Grande 125 2022 is equipped with many new utility features, including the Y-connect smartphone application, a full digital instrument panel, a keyless lock system, a charger socket for charging smartphones, to the Start Stop System.

Yamaha Grande 125 2022 VietnamYamaha Grande 125 2022 Vietnam Photo: Doc. Yamaha Vietnam

Now what’s interesting, this 2022 Yamaha Grande 125 has a refueling hole located on the left dashboard like the Yamaha FreeGo model. This will certainly make it easier for drivers when they want to refuel. Its own tank capacity is recorded at 4 liters.

Yamaha Motor Vietnam will position the 2022 Yamaha Grande as a scooter in the high-end segment, with an elegant and fashionable appearance, but still luxurious and sophisticated. Therefore, the target consumers of the Yamaha Grande 2022 are women from the Gen Z.

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