Previously hit by floods, now the Amazon River is in severe drought


Six months ago the area around the Amazon river was hit by floods. Now the area is experiencing a severe drought that hampers the supply of their needs.

Reported from AP, after six months earlier the area around the Brazilian Amazon river experienced floods that destroyed villages and agriculture. So now they are faced with extreme drought conditions.

The flow of the river continues to decrease rapidly. According to geoscience researcher from the Brazilian Geological Survey Luna Gripp, this drought was caused by lower than expected rainfall in August and September.

This drought is very influential on the life of the area around the river. Because the Amazon river is not only a source of livelihood, but also a link between regions.

Most areas around the Amazon river are not connected by roads. Therefore, this drastic reduction in water flow has a major impact on the supply of food, fuel, and other necessities that are usually sent via waterways.

Drought conditions in the area around the Amazon river.Drought conditions in the area around the Amazon river. Photo: AP Photo/Edmar Barros

One of the cities affected is Tefe. The city has 60,000 residents on the banks of the Amazon river. Due to this drought, large ships could not arrive at their city ports.

In addition to cutting off community connectivity and the supply of their needs, the dryness of this river also causes fishermen to delay fishing. Because the ships carrying their catch could not reach the port in the city.

Fishing season officially lasts until next November. However, if the water debit still doesn’t increase immediately, seven family communities will lose their big source of income.

In the Porto Praia area, the indigenous communities who live near the Amazon river even find it difficult to get anywhere. Because during the day, the dry land in the area is too hot to walk.

According to local community leader Anilton Braz, a boat trip to Tefe that normally takes 90 minutes now takes up to 4 hours. Many areas have too little water so they have to paddle.

In addition, this drought has also caused people to lose their sources of clean water. The water sources they used to use are now muddy and they have no other alternative.

“We are afraid that our children will get diarrhea and other diseases,” said Braz.

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