Practical, Take Transportation in Jakarta Just Use the JakLingko Application!


Forgot to top up your electronic card balance? Don’t worry, you can now take transportation in using the application. There’s even an integration fee!

It is undeniable that the use of electronic cards to use public transportation is quite easy. But not infrequently we also forget to check and fill in the balance.

Lucky to find a top up location close by, but there are also some cards that must be filled at special charging points.

Well, for those who forget to fill in or want to find another way to take public transportation in Jakarta, it turns out that you can use the JakLingko application, you know! This application is an application that integrates four modes of transportation in Jakarta, MRT, Transjakarta, KRL, and LRT.

In this application, users can order integration tickets from all modes of transportation. Just enter the departure and destination stop or station. The application will provide several route options as well as their prices.

“Jak Lingko is a supporter of the public transportation system. So we issued an application that can be used to buy tickets. Its function is not only single mode, but also multimodal,” said Corporate Communications Shucy Rahmadhanie to the Green Tour participants.

If you place an order through this application, users can also get cheaper integration rates. This integration tariff applies if the user uses more than one mode of transportation.

“Now there is an integration ticket. It’s called an integration fee because if you use these three modes, the cost will be cheaper. The maximum ceiling is IDR 10,000,” he added.

This tariff is presented by JakLingko because it sees the mobility of people who often use more than one mode. This integration fare provision is calculated based on the distance traveled. With a fixed fee of IDR 2,500, then continued with IDR 250 per kilometer.

Even so, there is a maximum ceiling of this integration tariff. This means that the costs incurred to use several modes in one trip will not exceed the ceiling cost.

“The maximum ceiling is Rp. 10,000. So, for example, if you have to pay Rp. 17,500, it could even be Rp. 7,500. So far, no one has reached Rp. 10,000,” said Shucy.

On this occasion, detikTravel had the opportunity to try directly using this application in two modes, MRT and Transjakarta. Its use is quite easy because you only need to order tickets, pay online, then download the ticket.scan QR code in the application.

Use the JakLingko Application to ride transportation in Jakarta.Use the JakLingko Application to ride transportation in Jakarta. Photo: Yasmin Nurfadila/detikTravel

Based on these experiments, the use of this application can be said to be easy and tends to be smooth. It’s just that at some Transjakarta gates it still takes time toscan the QR. While at the MRT gate there are no problems and the QR can be scanned smoothly.

According to Shucy, the difference in the scan speed at the gate is caused by the different types of gates. In the future, the government will try to make all gates uniform so that there are no longer any differences.

Later, in addition to the integration fee, JakLingko will also add a destination editing feature. So users who change their minds or want to change their destination can change them directly in the app. In addition, JakLingko also wants to develop a pay as you go feature.

“Another one we are developing is pay as you go. So use a QR code but pay later. Only if you have to use a deposit, yes,” he concluded.

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