One Pinta Quartararo to Yamaha: Increase Motor Engine Power!


Fabio Quartararo ask Yamaha increase the engine power of his YZR-M1 motor. El Diablo reflect on the strength of the motor rivals, especially Ducati.

Quartararo currently occupies the first position of the 2022 MotoGP standings. The Monster Energy Yamaha team rider collected 147 points, 18 points ahead of his closest competitor, Aleix Espargaro.

Of the nine races that have been undertaken, Quartararo managed to win two. Most recently, he won the first podium in the 2022 Catalunya MotoGP last weekend.

Investigate a calibaration, Fabio Quartararo is still not satisfied with the current performance of his motorbike. The reigning MotoGP champion thinks that Yamaha must do something in order to compete with rivals.

In Quartararo’s view, his YZR-M1 engine needs more power. He admitted that the power of his motorbike was far less than the opponents who drove the Ducati motorbike.

“I have long asked Yamaha to give us more engine power. I know that every effort is now being made at Yamaha to bring a new engine for 2023. This engine will have more power,” said Quartararo, quoted from Speedweek.

“I always say if we have everything perfect, we can still win races now, because engine performance is not the only determining factor in MotoGP. However, it is undeniable that when you are in a difficult phase of the race, the power can change a lot.” he continued.

“You saw yesterday: Jorge Martin was eleventh on the grid and stormed to second. He is obviously very fast and strong, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to give such a performance.”

“In the Mugello race eight days ago I was sixth on the grid, but it was very difficult for me to overtake in the race. With more power, I could fight for the victory against Pecco,”.

“We are clearly behind in terms of top speed. What is most important is that we have enough strength in 2023, then we don’t have to worry about other things,” Fabio Quartararo revealed.

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