NTT Students Demo at Kemenparekraf, Reject Komodo Tickets of Rp. 3.75 Million


The wave of refusal to increase the entrance fee to Komodo National Park continues. This time, NTT students and activists in held a demonstration in front of the Kemenparekraf Building.

The demonstration was held on Monday (8/8/2022) at around 11.50 WIB. The crowd, who claimed to be in the name of the Labuan Bajo Alliance, expressed their aspirations regarding the management of tourism in Komodo National Park which violates conservation. According to them, the development there has made Komodo National Park even more damaged.

“We see that the development presented by the government is not in line with the expectations of the community and tourism players. Conservation-based development, but what we see in Komodo National Park is far from conservative,” said the Field Coordinator of the Labuan Bajo Mengjuang Alliance, Martinus Soni Candra.

Labuan Bajo Ticket Demo at KemenparekrafLabuan Bajo Ticket Demo at Kemenparekraf Photo: (Putu Intan/detikcom)

“On Komodo Island there is a displacement of people and they try to destroy, dig, displace land on Komodo Island,” he continued.

Meanwhile, the Labuan Bajo Allied Movement’s Defender, Ano Leo Panjaitan, explained that they refused to increase the tariff of Rp. 3.75 million to enter Komodo National Park. They are worried that the tariff increase is a form of monopoly of the tourism business in Labuan Bajo because the decision was taken without involving the community.

Although the tariff increase is currently suspended until January 1, 2023, Ano still hopes that the government will discuss the discourse with the community, not in secret.

“How did PT Flobamor issue an increase in entrance ticket rates. This discourse has been opposed by friends of tourism actors. The concept of justice in our tourism management is not visible at all,” he said.

Furthermore, the Labuan Bajo Alleging Alliance also wants the government and officials to stop repressive actions against the community and tourism actors in Labuan Bajo. This is related to the arrest and determination of suspects for protesters in Labuan Bajo.

“In the area, there are friends who are taking action and the officers are blocking, disbanding, beating, arresting to the point where they are designated as suspects,” said Martinus.

“This action tries to damage or undermine democracy because there are efforts to silence the people themselves to express their aspirations and opinions in public. We emphasize to the government to stop repressive actions against activists. This is very outrageous,” he concluded.

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