Not willing to go crazy, Quartararo is ready to play aggressively in MotoGP Aragon 2022


Fabio Quartararo will start the race in sixth position at the 2022 MotoGP Aragon. Of course this will present difficulties for Quartararo who wants to widen the points gap with Francesco Bagnaia. But the problem is, in front of Quartararo there are four Ducati riders who will be troublesome for him.

Not wanting Ducati to run rampant again like at the Misano Circuit, Italy, with a 1-3 podium finish, Quartararo will try to race even more aggressively at the 2022 Aragon MotoGP. If he has to overtake he will overtake, if he has to make contact he will do it too.

“I have to do overtaking aggressive one. And if we have to make contact, we will. That will be my only solution for this race (MotoGP Aragon 2022),” said Quartararo Autosport.

The French rider said the 2022 Aragon MotoGP would not be easy. He admitted that he always lost the grip of the front tire at the second corner in the qualifying session. So even though he can be fast in other corners, slowing down in the second corner will cost him a lot of time.

“I’ve given the maximum. The only mistake, I lost the front in the second corner, I don’t know why,” continued the rider nicknamed El Diablo.

“Qualification is very important, but P6 is the best, the best, the best. I think we can still do something big (Sunday). The plan, because we don’t start from pole position, I think we will start with a little pressure because we will be behind many motorcycles,” he said again.

Although I will try topush since the early laps, Quartararo kept trying to be realistic by not aiming for the podium. According to him, getting into the top five is already a satisfactory result.

“I don’t know (if I will be) in pole position, but at least as far as possible to try to get a good result, which for me would be top 5, that would be great.”

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