Not only for transporting goods, consumers now like scooters that support their lifestyle


Yamaha Soul GT has officially been euthanized. The production of this scooter was stopped because it was not in accordance with the times and the needs of consumers. Consumers now do not want automatic motorcycles to only have the ability to transport goods, but also to be able to support their daily lifestyle.

“Yes. Soul GT is currently no longer in production. Due to product innovation and development, design, and today’s technology is developing fast. Consumer needs continue to change,” said Manager of Public Relations, YRA & Community of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM), Antonius Widiantoro via text message to detikOto, Thursday (30/6/2022).

Anton continued adding, currently Yamaha Indonesia has a variety of 125 cc automatic products from various types genrein order to be able to adapt the diverse character of consumers, with the needs that continue to develop continuously.

Yamaha Soul GT was injected dead because it was not in accordance with consumer needs Photo: M Luthfi Andika

“Because at this time consumer needs for motorcycles are not only transportation, but also represent lifestyle them,” said Anton again.

After the Soul GT was injected dead, Yamaha now still has about 8 automatic models with a total of up to 15 variants. Some Yamaha automatic models also have characters and designs that are tailored to the needs and lifestyle of each person.

An example for a motorbike that prioritizes functionality, the choice is the Gear 125, Mio M3, Mio Z, or Freego. As for women, the choice is Mio S which has a more elegant and calm design.

Then for those who are happy with the adventure style, the choice is the X-Ride which is equipped with a bare handlebar model and a more masculine appearance. Furthermore, for potential consumers who want a classic or retro-modern style scooter model, the choices are the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid Connected and Fino.

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