Not because it doesn’t sell, this is the reason Yamaha injects Mio S to death in Indonesia


PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) officially injects death Yamaha Mio S. The automatic scooter is now no longer available on the manufacturer’s official website. What is the reason Yamaha stopped selling Mio S in Indonesia?

Public Relations Manager of PT YIMM, Antonius Widiantoro, said that the Yamaha Mio S was not injected because it was not selling well. The vehicle still has many fans in Indonesia. It’s just that, he said, manufacturers need innovation.

“That (stop production of Mio S) is very reasonable, very common, isn’t it just a product that is discontinued, then the product is labeled a failure, it’s not like that, because the change persists,” said Anton when responding to the Mio S that was injected with death. , quoted Friday (10/28/2022).

Yamaha Mio S born 2019Yamaha Mio S born in 2019 Photo: doc. Yamaha Indonesia

According to Anton, the decision to inoculate old products was due to the manufacturer’s desire to continue to innovate. Because, he said, as a brand holder agent or APM, Yamaha must also be in line with market trends or needs.

Unfortunately, it is not stated with certainty, how many sales of Mio S before the injection die. However, when it was first sold in Indonesia, the vehicle was targeted to sell 10-17 thousand units per month.

“We always upgrade the product, not just the model but also the color. Then we also see which one the market really wants,” he said.

“So changing products, changing products, or issuing new products is part of innovation and answers to consumer needs,” he added.

It is known, Yamaha first launched the Mio S in October 2017. The iron horse last received a refresh in mid-2019. Since then until now, manufacturers have rarely promoted their units.

Yamaha launched Mio Reborn in Jakarta, Saturday (14/10/2017).  Not only the appearance has changed, several features have been pinned by Yamaha to perfect the scooter, which is named Mio S Tubless & Wide Tires.Yamaha Mio S. Photo: Ruly Kurniawan

Before being injected to death, Mio S was priced at Rp. 17 million with the status of on the road Jakarta. The vehicle is one of the cheapest Yamaha products along with other Mio series.

Despite injecting the Mio S to death, Yamaha’s product line in the scooter segment entry level still quite a lot. For example there are Mio M3, Gear 125, Fazzio, Fino, and X-Ride. Until now, Yamaha has not been able to confirm whether it will launch a new product to replace the Mio S or not.

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