My! Yamaha D’elight 125, a scooter that is more elegant than Fino and Fazzio


In Indonesia, Yamaha has Fino and Fazzio in the classic scooter line. While in the European market, Yamaha offers the D’elight 125 type which has a classic and elegant design in the style of Italian scooters.

Unlike the Fino and Fazzio, the Yamaha D’elight 125 carries a Piaggio Medley-style design with large and rounded headlights, as well as turn signals that extend at both ends of the wing, as well as flat brake lights and large stirrups.

Quoted from the page great bikerYamaha D’elight 125 will carry a 125cc Blue Core 1 cylinder engine that passes EURO 5 standards. The engine is capable of producing maximum torque at 5,000 rpm.

Machines with torque that can be produced from low rpm are then combined with a fairly light weight. Recorded Yamaha D’elight 125 weighs only about 101 kg. With such a light weight, the acceleration of this scooter is guaranteed to offer satisfactory performance.

In terms of design, this bike is designed for both men and women. Has a fairly large trunk under the seat, and is equipped with features such as the Start & Stop System (SSS) which automatically turns off the engine when the motor stops for a few seconds, and to turn it back on, just turn throttle gas. Another feature on this bike is an instrument panel with a digital LCD screen combined with analog.

Yamaha D’elight 125 is equipped with 12-inch front wheels and 10-inch rear wheels with a 6-spoke design. A touch of metallic color on the rims makes this bike look even more elegant.

In addition to the same family as Fino and Fazzio in Indonesia, the Yamaha D’elight 125 also has another brother marketed in Thailand, namely the Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid.

Yamaha D’elight 125 Photo: Yamaha