MotoGP is no longer the same, only these 4 riders can conquer it


WithU Yamaha RNF rider, Andrea Dovizioso, talked about the current development of MotoGP. According to Dovi, MotoGP racing has undergone many changes. Not all riders can adapt to the current MotoGP bike concoction, only a handful of riders.

“MotoGP has changed compared to my experience in previous years, when you come to the track and know that the circuit will suit this bike or that bike better. That doesn’t happen anymore (at the moment),” said Dovizioso as quoted from Speedweek.

“Strong riders are always the same – those who make a difference with their own bike compared to their brand mates. In MotoGP today, whoever pushes the limits of the bike to the maximum, they will make a difference,” continued the 36-year-old rider.

Dovizioso added that currently only Ducati is able to compete in the MotoGP scene with a large number of riders. Not only that, the Ducati riders are also able to compete at the top, as evidenced by their three riders who are in the top five of the standings.

“I no longer see a suitable direction for a motorcycle. It is more of a rider who has a very good feeling with the bike being ridden, so it always manages to be competitive,” continued Dovi.

According to Dovi, currently only four riders can adapt to MotoGP bikes, namely Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha), Aleix Espargaró (Aprilia), Francesco Bagnaia (Ducati), and Enea Bastianini (Ducati).

“Fabio is the most stable at the moment, both mentally and in terms of understanding the bike. He can also be the most consistent throughout the season. But I see an Aleix and Aprilia who are aware of how they work and need to approach the weekend to be competitive. that’s why they took home the podium. The consistency is there and I hope they continue like this.”

“I think Bastianini and Pecco have a little bit better pace than the others. That means they can chase points and win more races. But that doesn’t mean they did it. But I think they have the potential to do it.”