Jack Miller: Already Know YZR-M1 is slow, why does Quartararo want to stay at Yamaha?


Lenovo’s Ducati rider, Jack Miller, felt strange about the attitude of Fabio Quartararo who wanted to stay at Yamaha. Because, on various occasions, the French rider always complained about the Yamaha YZR-M1 which was poor about performance on the straight and during acceleration.

Miller himself rejects the view that the Ducati Desmosedici is the most perfect bike on the current MotoGP track. According to the Australian rider, all the motorbikes on the 2022 MotoGP track are good and competitive bikes.

“A lot of people say that the Ducati is the best bike on the grid. That’s what they say, but we have to think that all bikes are good and competitive,” Miller said in an interview with MotoSprintquoted Friday (10/28/2022).

Miller continued, adding that if the best motorcycle in MotoGP today is a Ducati motorcycle, why do top riders like Quartararo still stay at Yamaha with the worst motorcycle package?

Fabio Quartararo Photo: Getty Images/Steve Wobser

“Fabio Quartararo kept complaining about the lack of power and speed in the M1, so why did he stay with Yamaha? I maintain (the fact) that all MotoGP bikes are good. He (Quartararo) has the opportunity to change, why not (do it)? Yes, today there is no bad bike, all brands compete,” continued the rider who will end his contract with Ducati at the end of this season.

Miller himself will race for the KTM factory team in the 2023 season. He says the KTM RC16 is one of the good MotoGP prototype bikes.

“The Austrian (factory-made) RC16 is really good. I will focus and work hard to do it right, despite the many complaints, as well as the words about this bike,” he continued.

“Nowadays all bikes are fast and powerful, no bike is lower and less fortunate. We only hear words, in the end are facts seen. And facts show the great balance of this motorcycle racing championship,” explained Miller.

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