It’s just that, Morbidelli is willing to do this to get rid of bad luck in MotoGP


Franco Morbidelli’s performance on the MotoGP stage has decreased drastically over the last two seasons. Now, let alone to win, it’s very difficult to reach the podium. That is why, for the sake of ‘bad luck’, Morbidelli is willing to change his physical appearance.

In the 2020 season, Franco Morbidelli was able to finish the competition as runner-up or second place. In fact, at that time, he had a tight competition with Suzuki racer, Joan Mir to win the world champion. However, this season, everything changed drastically.

Morbidelli only ranks 19th in the 2022 MotoGP standings. He has never won or just won the podium. So, to get rid of all the bad luck, he cut off his hair and beard.

“I’m just trying to look different. The goal is to return to my old self,” said Morbidelli about his now changing physical appearance, quoted detikOto from GPOne, Monday (24/10/2022).

Franco Morbidelli while still long. Photo: GPOne.

In the past, Morbidelli was known as an eccentric racer thanks to his long, wavy hair. In fact, even though he wore a helmet during the race, his long hair could still be seen.

In the past he also had a thin beard which made him look more mature than his real age. However, he also decided to measure it. Now, the 27-year-old rider looks younger and fresher. Morbidelli hopes that his physical changes can bring him back to his original form.

“I decided to shave it. Having thin hair feels quite comfortable and looks cooler. I also want to refresh this hair a bit. I want to look a little different to get back to my old (performance),” he said.

Franco Morbidelli with a new look.Franco Morbidelli with a new look. Photo: GPOne.

Despite all that, Morbidelli feels this season is indeed much more difficult than previous seasons. In addition to his unstable performance, the quality of other racers also continues to improve.

Now, Valentino Rossi’s student is only able to rank 19th in the standings. He has only collected 36 points or 199 points different from his teammate, Fabio Quartararo who currently occupies the second position.

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