Indonesian Bodybuilding Athletes Go Worldwide, Participate in Promoting Tourism


Sandiaga Uno invites bodybuilders and local brands to his weekly meetings. It is hoped that it can inspire the community and help promote Indonesia.

In addition to inviting various regions or destinations, the weekly meeting with the media held by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) of the Republic of Indonesia Sandiaga Uno also often invites famous figures as well as MSMEs or local brands.

In the weekly meeting last Monday (24/10), Sandiaga Uno invited bodybuilder athletes and local brand Evolene. On this occasion, he talked and released them to the Amateur Olympia Las Vegas 2022 event.

The invitation was not without reason, according to Sandi, bodybuilding is a sport that is directly related to tourism and the creative economy.

“Many people ask why bodybuilding is connected to the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. But it turns out that there are two sports that are directly connected to us, namely fitness gyms and golf courses. Because of their relationship with tourism and the creative economy,” said Sandiaga Uno.

Sandiaga Uno hopes that the achievements of the two Indonesian bodybuilders can inspire the Indonesian people. In addition, with their appearance in the international arena, it is hoped that they can also help promote Indonesia’s tourism and creative economy.

“There are two, one is Indonesian athletes competing for the name of the nation, hopefully they will win, we pray for them. The second is a worldwide Indonesian product, Evolene, which will be launched in Las Vegas on December 16, 2022,” he added.

On this occasion, Sandi also expressed his support for sport tourism. He also expressed his hope that Indonesia could hold a Sport Tourism Championship.

“We support providing sport tourism facilities, later in collaboration with Evolene. We hope that there will be a sustainable program and we support it. We will also develop the Sport Tourism Championship, which we can do in super priority destinations. When we can host. This athletic body is in great demand by the younger generation,” concluded Sandiaga Uno.

Meanwhile, CEO & Founder of Evolene, Christian Dicky said that his party had the opportunity to appear at the Amateur Olympia Las Vegas 2022 in December. He hopes that with this opportunity they can introduce local products in the international arena.

“We will be there for 10 days. The launch of our products also includes the creative economy. We hope that with the support of the minister we can introduce local products to enter the international level and of course can provide opportunities for Indonesian bodybuilding athletes to compete in world class,” said Christian Dicky.

Sandiaga Uno with bodybuilding athletes in a weekly meeting with the media at the Sapta Pesona Building, Jakarta.Sandiaga Uno with bodybuilding athletes in a weekly meeting with the media at the Sapta Pesona Building, Jakarta. Photo: Doc. Kemenparekraf

Besides talking about the hopes of athletes’ contributions to the promotion of Indonesia. In this weekly meeting, Sandi also provides an opportunity for athletes to share their inspirational stories.

One of the athletes Bodybuilder Chrisna Purnama Putra shared that he started his journey from the bottom. Before becoming a bodybuilder, he was a busker and an office boy.

“You have to remember my message that to have an ideal body, you don’t have to have a lot of money. I used to be a busker, OB (Office Boy), I’ve been through various processes that almost gave up on becoming a bodybuilder. Don’t make the economy as an obstacle and obstacle which stops our efforts to be the best,” he said.

He hopes that with his achievements, the younger generation can be inspired to continue working hard to pursue their dreams. And can be moved to continue to exercise in order to have a healthy and ideal body.

“I want to be able to compete abroad and my dream is to become a world champion. So that I can inspire the younger generation. I am among the youngest among other bodybuilding athletes, I am only 26 years old,” said Chrisna.

Then another bodybuilder athlete, Fareza Febriano, shared some tips to become a world-class bodybuilder and be able to bring Indonesia’s good name.

“The recipe is to train hard and consistently, at least 1-2 hours every day. For all my friends, my message to bodybuilding athletes and to be diligent in the fitness world, exercise diligently, stay consistent, watch your diet, and don’t forget to remember the target. Evolene,” said Fareza.

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