Indent Aerox Up to 3 Months, Yamaha Opens Voice


Lately, many potential customers have complained about the long waiting time for ordering a motorcycle. Not only Honda, Yamaha motorcycles also have to pivot for months.

This was complained by one of the comments on the detikOto YouTube channel. He had ordered a Yamaha Aerox, but the waiting time or pivot until the motor was delivered to the home garage was three months.

Antonius Widiantoro Asst. General Manager Marketing – Public Relations of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing opened his voice regarding the old pivot of Yamaha motorcycles. He said the pivot or the waiting period for the motorbike to be delivered to the house depended on the city and model.

“The condition of the pivot for each model and city is certainly different. It depends on the availability of stock at each dealer. So it can’t be the same for each region,” Anton told detikcom via Whatsapp message when confirmed about the old pivot of Yamaha motorcycles.

Currently, the automotive industry is still hit by the semiconductor chip crisis. This affects the production of motorized vehicles in the world, also affects Indonesia. However, for Yamaha, Anton ensures that his party can manage production so that it can meet consumer demand.

“Regarding the scarcity of electrical parts, this is a global problem. However, Yamaha can still manage this situation and adapt it to our production,” he said.

Anton also said that the condition of the Yamaha motorcycle pivot, which for months was also influenced by soaring consumer demand.

“Consumer demand conditions for Yamaha motorcycles are currently high,” he said.