Important! These are 7 Ways to Take Care of a Motorcycle Battery


Batteries or batteries play a very important role in motorcycles. This component functions as a supplier as well as storing the electrical current used to power the electrical system, such as the starter system, injection pump, lighting, to combustion in the engine.

Generally, there are two types of batteries commonly used on motorcycles, namely wet and dry batteries. The batteries that are generally used by injection motorcycles today are dry batteries with maintenance-free properties or can also be called Maintenance Free (MF), because maintenance is easier than wet batteries, where the rider is required to check the level of the battery water level, so that it doesn’t get too low. the limit.

As explained by Yamaha in its official statement, here are some tips for routine battery maintenance on motorcycles:

1. Avoid excessive use of motor accessories related to electricity. Today’s consumers are increasingly fond of using motorcycle accessories, but if you use accessories related to electricity in large quantities, especially on motorcycle lights, it can burden the performance of the battery and void the official manufacturer’s warranty.

2. Make sure the battery voltage, either dry or wet type, is in accordance with the voltage standard in the manual. If it is below the recommended number in the manual, then the battery should be charged or recharged.

3. Check the condition of the battery, clean if there is dirt or crust on the terminals. If not, then the battery can have problems or soak, thus causing the disruption of the performance of some systems. It even causes the motorcycle to malfunction or break down.

4. Avoid using the electric starter forcibly. If the motor is difficult to start, do not force the use of an electric starter because it will make the battery soak. We recommend that you check the condition of the motorbike first or visit the nearest authorized workshop for further checking.

5. Make sure the motor ignition is off, when the engine is off. If the ignition is in the on position when the engine is off, it will take battery power.

6. Motor engines that are rarely used, it is recommended to keep warm. If the motor is rarely used, try to keep it warm or run for 10-15 minutes. If left for a long time, you should remove the negative cable on the battery so that the battery is more durable.

7. Using the battery according to the specifications of the motorcycle. Every battery must have a lifetime, if it has reached that period it must be replaced. Because even if it is re-charged, usually the battery can’t store current. If this happens, replace the battery according to the specifications of the motorcycle or according to the required capacity.

However, if the condition of the battery has shown symptoms of soaking, it is usually indicated by a weak starter, slow flashing of the turn signal, a small horn sound, even the speedometer screen becomes blurry or completely dead. So, the first treatment is to try charging the battery, if it still drops, replace the battery to prevent the motor from suddenly dying or breaking down during use.

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