If Marunda drowned, Jakarta would lose its historic mosque


Jakarta’s coastal areas, including Marunda, are the most prone to sinking. There stand two cultural heritages that should be protected.

The two cultural heritages are Si Pitung House and Al Alam Marunda Mosque. Si Pitung’s house is known to have visited the legendary Betawi figure, Si Pitung. This house actually belonged to Haji Saifuddin, a Bugis merchant who migrated to Marunda. Si Pitung’s house was then purchased and used as a cultural heritage during the administration of the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Ali Sadikin.

Meanwhile, Al Alam Marunda Mosque is the oldest mosque in Jakarta. This mosque was founded in the 16th century. People believe, this mosque was built overnight by the aulia. But there are also those who say, this mosque was built when Fatahillah stopped in Marunda before attacking the Sunda Kelapa Harbor.

When the Marunda area was hit by tidal floods, these two cultural heritages were also victims. For example, in 2021, Si Pitung’s house was hit by a tidal flood which the people there called the worst.

Si Pitung's house is closed for maintenanceSi Pitung’s house is closed for maintenance. Photo: Pradita Utama/detikcom

Previously, a number of experts said was predicted to sink in the next 10 years. Many parties alluded to the vulnerability of the DKI area to sinking along with severe global warming.

Head of Environmental Engineering, Universitas Airlangga, Dr. Eko Prasetyo Kuncoro, ST., DEA., said that rationally, global warming is unavoidable and has many effects.

“One of the effects felt by the world community related to global warming is climate change which causes an increase in sea water temperature, causing sea levels to expand relatively and have a lot of volume,” he said as quoted from the unair.ac.id page, Wednesday (19/19). /10/2022).

Al Alam Marunda MosqueAl Alam Marunda Mosque. Photo: Pradita Utama/detikcom

In addition to global warming, the use of groundwater triggers land subsidence so that the potential for the land to sink is even greater. “Initially the land level fell and then the sea level rose. Well, this combination is what causes some of the cities to sink,” he said.

The President Director of PAM Jaya, Arief Nasrudin, said the same thing. Arief explained that around 90 percent of the area is predicted to sink, especially the northern part by 2050.

“It will also be submerged because of culture or later the use of water which is then not immediately resolved and continues to take water from the land which is indeed increasingly seeking for sure,” he said.

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