How to Take Care of Motor Gear and Chain


Motors with manual or semi-automatic transmissions still use gear and chain drive types. Because their function is very important, gears and chains need to be maintained so that they can be used for a long time, while preventing them from breaking on the road.

As explained by Yamaha Main Dealer Thamrin Brothers (South Sumatra and Bengkulu) in an official statement, there are at least 4 ways that motorists can take care of gears and chains. Anything?

1. Diligent Cleaning

During the rainy season, like now, the motor gear is prone to getting dirty and exposed to water splashes. Therefore, diligently clean the gear with a special gear and chain cleaning fluid. Do not use used oil because it can make dust and dirt stick even more.

2. Routinely Perform Lubrication

In addition to maintaining cleanliness, don’t forget to diligently lubricate the motor gear by spraying it with a special gear and chain lubricant. This is to reduce friction and dirt which can cause the service life of the gear and chain to shorten. It is recommended to lubricate at least once a week.

3. Gear and Chain Settings

Gear and chain settings can be seen in the motorcycle manual, chain tightness must be checked before each ride, and adjusted if necessary. Consult first with an official repair shop if you want to do the chain adjustment yourself.

4. Periodic Service

Chain and gear parts will always be checked according to the regular maintenance schedule. If a readjustment is needed, the technician will make adjustments, if the chain is too loose and the gears are too worn, then a set, gear and chain must be replaced. Improper chain tension will burden the engine and other vital components, so the chain can slip or break.

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