His Chest Popped Out While at the Bali Orphanage, This Tourist Was Blasphemed by Netizens


Spending time with children in orphanages is one of the choices for this tourist destination. But the photos were even blasphemed by netizens because they were sexy.

Kelsey Foster is an Australian tourist vacationing in Bali. He deliberately came to one of the Bali orphanages to spend time together.

Reported from 7News, Kelsey didn’t just play, she distributed food and gifts to the children. After that Kelsey took pictures and uploaded them to her old Facebook.

“The amount I give is not much but I can give these children food and they are so grateful. It’s amazing to learn about and from them. Especially seeing them smile,” Keylsey wrote.

The photos go viral. It turned out that netizens were dressed in Kelsey costumes in the middle of the orphanage.

Australian tourists vilified for too sexy clothesAustralian tourists blasphemed for clothes that are too sexy Photo: (Facebook)

At that time Kelsey wore a pink bikini. She stood in the center with her head slightly lowered, while her cleavage was showing.

Netizens also attacked Kelsey, who was considered too sexy and narcissistic.

“You are too narcissistic, instead of doing good you instead post selfies to show everyone that you are selfless. In fact, you need validation and love attention,” wrote one netizen.

“This is a great thought. But next time please hide your cleavage. This is not something children should see,” added another.

Kelsey also made clarifications about her sexy photos.

“It was 33 degrees with high humidity. I had been using the biking since this morning and we were already in the area collecting food,” explains Kelsey.

Even though he was blasphemed, Kelsey admitted that he was not angry with all the netizens’ innuendo. Because he knows very well that what he does is very meaningful for the orphanage children.

In fact, not a few netizens give praise for what he did.

“Kelsey, you are inspiring. You don’t worry about negative things. We need more people like this,” netizens wrote.

“OMG! What you’re wearing shouldn’t have anything to do with it! What you’re doing is just plain wild,” added another.

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