Hilarious, Passenger Trolls Airline to Get Refund


A passenger on a flight in Australia failed to fly as scheduled. Finally he created an artificial ‘clown company’ in order to get refund.

There’s just a way this passenger did to get refund. Reported from News.com.aua passenger in Australia booked a flight on the Darwin-Adelaide route.

The flight suddenly got a schedule change and was shifted five minutes from the initial time. A passenger who uploads his story on social media will not be able to join the flight. Even though he only changed for five minutes, he couldn’t get on the flight from the start.

In the email announcing the schedule change, it is written that passengers can follow the new schedule or request a refund. Seeing this opportunity, the passengers who really couldn’t participate also chose to refund.

Unexpectedly, it turned out that the airline asked for proof of the reason why the passenger could not follow their new schedule.

“I didn’t think they would ask for proof considering that they were the ones who made the (schedule) changes,” the passenger said on social media.

Initially the passenger did not realize that the schedule change was only five minutes. But because he couldn’t make it on the flight, he decided to try his luck.

“Given that I won’t be able to catch the flight, I thought I might try to get a refund,” he wrote.

He asked for a refund by sending proof in the form of a letter written by a clown company called ‘Clowns are us company’.

The letter stated that the passenger was their company’s best clown and he had a very busy schedule.

A customer created this letter to get a refund after his airline reportedly changed the time of his flight.A passenger made this letter as proof so that he could get a refund. Photo: News.com.au/Reddit

The letter is accompanied by an inscription stating that the letter is a ‘valid document made by clowns are us company’.

“To the concerned party. This letter is to inform (the airline) that a refund will be required for the flight [nomor] on [tanggal] November for [nama] (our best clowns) for our clown shows in Darwin and Adelaide at very specific times as shown below.

Darwin School Clown Show 08.00-10.00
Adelaide School Clown Show 14.35-23.00

This flight change will affect the business as you can see our schedule is very tight so we now have to book (flights) with other airlines.” that’s what the letter said.

Based on the story from the passenger, his efforts to make the ‘evidence’ letter were not in vain. He finally got a refund.

The hilarious effort and intention of this passenger also got a lot of comments from netizens. The majority of netizens commented and praised how intentional and hilarious the passenger’s efforts were.

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