Exciting Vacation Surrounded by Dinosaurs at Trans Studio Cibubur, Want to Try it?


Holidays have arrived! It’s time for recreation and fun with your beloved family or friends.

Already have an idea of ​​​​activities to spend the holidays with fun? If not, don’t worry, there are recommendations for a super exciting vacation agenda for you. Guaranteed vacation plans are not limited to discourse.

Good news for those of you who like adventure. No need to go all the way out of town, you can already get exciting adventures like in the movies. Want to know how?

Just visit Trans Studio Cibubur. during 1-10 July 2022, you can watch ‘The Magical Cel3bration’. Trans Studio Cibubur’s third anniversary celebration event, which will be enlivened by various special performances, starting from 1-10 July 2022.

There is also an amazing show that you can enjoy, namely the ‘World of Imagination Parade’. This parade was opened by presenting the royal family ranging from icons of kings, queens, and also beautiful princes and princesses. Then visitors will be invited to go on an adventure to Mexico to meet Mexican dancers and musicians who are lively and dynamic.

In the next session, visitors will be taken to the futuristic world of Sci-Fi and then meet the dinosaurs who go around greeting visitors directly on ‘Jurassic Island’. This parade can be watched every day starting from the Trans Studio Cibubur amphitheater area.

You can also enjoy the fun of playing on world-class rides such as Pacific Rim and Jurassic Island at Trans Studio Cibubur.

Trans Studio CibuburPhoto: Trans Studio Cibubur

Trans Studio Cibubur’s birthday celebration will bring joy to visitors. What’s more, at this special moment there are many surprises ranging from discounts to various direct gifts. The following is an exciting promo that you can enjoy at Trans Studio Cibubur until July 10, 2022.

1. Fun Eats Promo

Price IDR 840,000 (every day during the promo period), consisting of:

  • 2 entry tickets all ages.
  • 2 packets of chicken rice and drink.
  • Additional 10% discount using Bank Mega Credit Card.

2. Promotions for Satisfied Holidays

The price is IDR 3.5 million (every day during the promo period), consisting of:

  • 5 admission all ages.
  • 5 VIP access & chicken rice and drink packages.

How about it, isn’t it interesting to enjoy a vacation by experiencing a new experience at Trans Studio Cibubur? Come on, buy tickets directly at www.transstudiocibubur.com or the application detik.com.

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