Enjoying the Beauty of Singapore from a Height


One way to enjoy a vacation in Singapore is to see the view from a height. All of that can be found in the Sentosa Island area.

detik.com had the opportunity to try SkyHelix Sentosa which is located on Imbiah Road. At a cost of 18 SGD (for adults, 15 SGD for children), we will be taken to see the view from a height of 35 meters and be at the top for 10 minutes.

For those who have never tried, the fear of heights can immediately appear as soon as you look down. Moreover, our feet will hang in the sky. Not infrequently tourists feel horrified.

But take it easy. During the above, we will only slowly rotate 180 degrees to be able to see the view from a different angle. Starting from luxury buildings, green trees, hotels, to ships waiting near the port waiting for their turn to unload. This attraction can accommodate a maximum of 16 people during one ride.

After trying SkyHelix, it’s incomplete if you haven’t experienced the Cable Car ride. There are two routes to choose from, namely Sentosa-HarbourFront-Mount Faber (or vice versa) and Merlion-Imbiah Lookout-Siroso Point (or vice versa). Visitors can choose entry point as you wish.

View of Singapore from SkyHelix SentosaView of Singapore from SkyHelix Sentosa (Adhi Indra Prasetya/detikcom)

detik.com tried the first route as it was further away. Unlike SkyHelix, the view that can be seen from the Cable Car is certainly more diverse because it does not stay in place. But the common thread remains the same, namely enjoying Singapore from a height.

The cost to try this attraction is 28 SGD if you want to try all routes. However, if tourists buy online, there will be a discount offer of up to 8 SGD. For the Sentosa-HarbourFront-Mount Faber route (or vice versa), the maximum capacity of the Cable Car is 8 people.

For visitors who want to go to the Sentosa Island area, a monorail is provided to travel on the Beach Station-Imbiah Station-Resort World Station-VivoCity Station route and vice versa. VivoCityStation can be reached by taking the MRT to HarbourFront station.

Oh yes, keep in mind that the Monorail service is free until December 31, 2022. So, the local government really wants to make it easier for tourists to enjoy the Sentosa Island tourist area amidst the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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