Don’t want to lose to Honda and Yamaha, Suzuki is ready to make an electric scooter


Honda and Yamaha are leading Japanese brands in the development of electric scooters. Not wanting to be left behind by competitors, Suzuki is ready to make an electric scooter based on a conventional scooter, the Burgman.

Citing page Visordown, Suzuki is entering the stage of electric development. The proof, the patent image of the prospective Suzuki electric scooter was recently leaked. From the sketch circulating in cyberspace, this Suzuki electric scooter seems to be based on the Burgman 125.

Compared to Honda and Yamaha, Suzuki is indeed quite behind in terms of electrification. Honda already has the PCX electric scooter, while Yamaha has introduced the prototype E01 electric scooter. The two eco-friendly scooters are even present in Indonesia, although they have not been officially sold.

Suzuki itself is trying to catch up. Even the brand based in Hamamatsu is willing to leave the MotoGP competition so that its funds can be allocated to the development of full battery electric vehicles.

In Europe, many well-known automotive brands have also produced full-battery electric motorcycles, such as KTM, which has the E-Duke, and Husqvarna, which has the E-Pilen.

Back in Japan, Kawasaki recently introduced electric bicycles for children. So, so that Suzuki does not get left behind, it is an obligation for Suzuki to develop and produce electric motorcycle products. If you look at the sketches of Suzuki’s electric scooter patents circulating, the motorbike is appropriately named as the ‘E-Burgman’.