Don’t sit under the flyover, this is a safe way to drive a motorbike when it rains


Rain is one of the risks that must be faced by bikers. If you experience rainy conditions while traveling, it’s a good idea to find a safe shelter. Do not take shelter under flyovers or overpasses, because that will interfere with traffic. If possible, bikers can also continue their journey during rainy conditions. Here are the safe tips.

As explained by Yamaha Riding Academy (YRA) Central Java in its official statement, motorcycle users need to be careful when driving on roads in rainy conditions, because the roads will be slippery and visibility is limited.

How to safely ride a motorcycle when it rains:

1. It is recommended to wear a suit-style raincoat (shirt and pants), avoid using a poncho-style raincoat because it can be wrapped around the motorcycle wheel, covering the taillights, this can endanger yourself and other road users.

2. Wearing a helmet with a clear glass/clear visor so as not to disturb or reduce the rider’s visibility in rainy conditions, especially at night. It is better if the helmet glass can be pinlocked to prevent condensation.

3. Always maintain a safe distance from other motorists. When it rains, the road will be slippery so the braking distance will be longer.

4. Using a safe speed, avoid using too high a speed, this will make the motor more difficult to control.

5. Driving the motorcycle smoother during acceleration and braking, rough use can cause the tires to slip and fall easily.

6. If it rains very heavily accompanied by strong winds, it is better to take shelter until conditions are good then continue the journey.

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