Crazy! Citayam Fashion Week Virus Spreads to Other Areas


Starting from Dukuh Atas, the phenomenon Citayam Fashion Week epidemic in Indonesia. More hotly discussed, teenagers from other regions are competing to compete in style.

Citayam Fashion Week seems to be a street fashion fever. What’s more special, Citayam Fashion Week is a magnet for various groups to come, try and watch.

Anywhere. Not only in Jakarta.

A number of regions in Indonesia also echo the crowd. The young people also showed their ability to mix styles, not to be outdone by Citayam Fashion Week.

Summarized detik.comTuesday (26/7/2022) the following are other areas that will enliven Citayam Fashion Week:

1. Madura Fashion Week

Access roads around government offices in Pamekasan Regency, East Java have been transformed into ‘Madura Fashion Week’. This activity was attended by a number of youth elements and Youtuber activists on the island of Madura.

Event coordinator Faiz Slamet said the ‘Madura Fashion Week’ event was not much different from ‘Citayam Fashion Week’. Only in Madura, Fashion Week is packaged in an Islamic style. This means dressing neatly like a student.

“We here also want to offer the public only the Madurese version, the custom of chivalry, meaning that we maintain the existence of well-dressed,” said Faiz as written, Monday (25/7).

The reason for choosing the district road around the government office, Faiz said that the road was quite representative. Because in the afternoon the vehicle is more accessible. Even though the traffic jam, it doesn’t trigger a big traffic jam.

“We know that in big cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, and Malang, Citayam Fashion Week is widely followed by the public. In Madura, we take other concerns,” he said.

2. Makassar Fashion Week

Makassar teenagers also joined the fashion week trend in Makassar, South Sulawesi. This activity also received a positive response from the Mayor of Makassar, Moh Ramdhan

However, Danny requested that Makassar Fashion Week activities be held in a place that does not interfere with community activities.

“It’s better to be in the courtyard of the Losari Beach Pavilion,” said the Mayor of Makassar to

However, Danny emphasized that he would take action and discipline the event if it interfered with community activities.

A number of Makassar teenagers chose to gather at the Poin Of Indonesia Center to do a catwalk like a model walking on a zebra cross. In fact, several five-year-old children also took part in Makassar Fashion Week, thus adding to the excitement of the event, which was widely seen by the people of Makassar City.

Fashion WeekTunjungan Fashion Week Photo: Esti Widiyana

3. Tunjungan Fashion Week in Surabaya

Young people in Surabaya also have a fever with Citayam Fashion Week. They also held fashion shows and catwalks at one of the zebra crossings on Jalan Tunjungan and caused a crowd of people. As a result, there are traffic jams along the road. This activity was dismissed by the Satpol PP.

“Yesterday we stopped the ‘Tunjungan Fashion Week’ activity in the Jalan Tunjungan area. This is not a matter of not being pro-creation or pro-creation typical of young people. But this is about the common good, the convenience of road users and activities that do not cause traffic jams,” said Eri Cahyadi, Guardian Surabaya City, Monday (25/7).

Not only about the convenience of road users, Eri also advised Tunjungan Fashion Week activists to maintain their fashion style. He didn’t want any revealing clothes.

“About the concept of the outfit, please be creative. However, you have to keep inspiring, ojok pating pecoto (don’t be silly) and sing erratically [enggak beraturan]. It must also reflect the distinctive character of the Suroboyo area,” he said.

Regarding fashion, the Surabaya City Government has also facilitated the event, including by regularly displaying local brands and MSMEs, through the official Surabaya Fashion Week event and many more.

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