Complained by Quartararo, Yamaha will still use the 2023 YZR-M1


Fabio Quartararo complained about the YZR-M1 2023 because he felt it had no improvement in terms of engine performance. In response to this, the Yamaha team will continue to use the 2023 M1 and continue to develop it until it is ready for use.

Previously at the Valencia MotoGP test in Spain some time ago, Quartararo said the M1 2023 prototype was no faster than the 2023 M1 which he had tried at the Misano Circuit and Barcelona.

“This engine should be slightly faster than what we tested in Misano and Barcelona, ​​but it is the same as (the current engine),” Quartararo said as quoted from the website Crashes. “This is not the way I want to end this year, but I feel something is not right,” continued the French rider.

Monster Yamaha team director, Massimo Meregalli, said that something was wrong with the M1 2023 prototype. Because in the closed tests carried out test riders Cal Crutchlow at the Jerez Circuit last October, it was felt that the M1 2023 engine had improved, albeit slightly.

“The same specification (bike) (has been) tested at Jerez by Cal (Crutchlow) and he said the engine is (more powerful) and maybe a bit more aggressive,” Meregalli told the website. MotoGP.

“So something went wrong and unfortunately just one day is not long enough to (find out what caused it) because we have to spend time on other areas like the aero package and chassis.”

Even so, Meregalli said Yamaha would still use the 2023 engine to navigate the competition next season. Yamaha doesn’t have a plan B. Yamaha will test the 2023 M1 engine on a dyno to then test it in Japan with test riders from Japan in December.

“Something went wrong because this engine was tested at Misano and Barcelona. We never said it at Barcelona, ​​but we started testing it at Barcelona with good results (and then at) Misano, Motegi, Jerez,” he said.

“We have to find out why the performance is not what we expected, also because compared to the Misano test, this engine has a little update, there must be a reason,” he continued.

“Probably 85% we will use the machine that was tested (in Valencia) to start the racing season next year,” he said. For your information, the next official MotoGP test will be held in Sepang in February.

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