5 Ways to Take Care of Motorcycle Suspension


Suspension, aka shock absorbers, is one of the most important devices on a motorbike. Of course, routine maintenance must be carried out so that it remains durable and comfortable when used through various road characteristics, such as crossing potholes or bumpy roads.

“Suspension has an important role so that the motorbike does not receive too much load due to shocks that occur. Given the important role of suspension on motorbikes, we provide some tips for maintaining the suspension so that it lasts and supports smooth driving activities,” said Muslian, Manager After Sales Main Yamaha dealer PT Thamrin Brothers.

Here are some tips on caring for a motorcycle suspension:

1. Keep Suspension Clean

Dirt that sticks to the suspension work area if not cleaned will scratch the inner tube or suspension rod, which will cause the suspension to leak and reduce the quality of the suspension work. It is better to wash the motorbike regularly and clean the suspension area thoroughly. If you get caught in the rain, rinse/wash the motorbike immediately, also make sure the suspension area is safe. The corrosion properties of rainwater can damage the suspension slowly.

2. Avoid Broken Road Routes

Uneven or rocky roads can put additional strain on the suspension. Too often through the road like this, of course, will reduce the age of the suspension. When forced to pass through uneven roads, you have to drive extra carefully and not speed, so that it can help ease the work of the suspension. Speeding on rocky roads is very risky, it can make the suspension leak due to shocks without pause. Don’t forget to be careful and avoid rocks or objects that are too big to pass.

3. Not Carrying Too Heavy Burden

Motorcycles have a maximum permissible load limit according to the owner’s manual. If forced to carry excessive loads, then the performance of your motorbike will of course be significantly reduced. One function that is disrupted due to carrying a load that is too heavy is the suspension function. The suspension will work extra hard when the load that is carried exceeds the maximum capacity.

4.Not Modify Suspension

Common accessories attached to the suspension are called earrings. The installation of these earrings makes the rear of the motorbike look high. Did you know, it turns out that the installation of these earrings actually makes the suspension unable to work optimally. Even in some cases the addition of accessories and modifications to this suspension makes the suspension not function at all and can even break the suspension.

5. Changing Suspension Oil Routinely

Oil replacement for the front suspension is usually done every 15,000-20,000 km / 1.5 – 2 years of motorbike use (whichever comes first). However, if the load is always heavy or you have to pass through uneven roads too often, change your suspension oil at an official repair shop if you feel that the suspension is uncomfortable.