10 Modern Tourism in Jakarta, Which Have You Been to?


is intensively preparing for urban tourism and wants its tourism to be known not only Monas or Ragunan. What are the current tourist destinations in Jakarta?

detikcom has summarized the interesting places that are the highlights of the Disparekraf to attract more domestic tourists to Jakarta.

1. Walking tour in Chinatown Glodok
2. Tour the Old Town
3. International E-Prix
4. International Stadium
5. Old Shanghai
6. Sky View Deck HI Roundabout
7. M Bloc
8. Tebet Ecopark
9. Sarinah Building
10. Lounge in The Sky

“Of the many new things in Jakarta, this is the most viral. So we want those who come to not only to Ragunan, Taman Mini or Ancol,” said Sub Coordinator of Domestic Tourism Marketing Affairs, Disparekraf, Sunday (24/24). 10/2022).

“We want to introduce modern Jakarta. After the pandemic, what are the things that are renewable in Jakarta? It turns out that many people and regional friends don’t know much. For Ancol, Thousand Islands, everyone in the area knows,” he added.

Glodok ChinatownGlodok Chinatown Photo: (Syanti Mustika/detikcom)

One of the activities sold in the tour package is a walking tour. This activity is also becoming popular today.

“Walking tours are more trendy because the Governor is more focused on urban tourism, so selling the area, more there. Such as repairing pedestrians, parks, and becoming tourist destinations. Also the bridge is beautified and it turns out to be effective and successful. So you don’t have to go to Ancol , now coming to the JPO and taking photos and coffee is already a tour. So coming to is not only Ragunan, Taman Mini, or Ancol,” added Triatin.

HI roundabout is the prima donna for CFDThe HI Roundabout is the prima donna for CFD Photo: Syanti Mustika/detikcom

Currently, the Sky view deck at Bundaran HI is a dream for CFD. Queues also occurred because there were many people who wanted to take pictures with the backdrop of the Welcome Statue. Triatin also said that they would increase the number of photo spots.

“In the future we will multiply photo spots like this. Jakarta’s tourism strength is not in nature but is artificial. That is what we will prioritize, that will be reproduced which can be used as tourism areas or urban tourism. Where in the area is infrastructure, facilities and infrastructure is complete,” he concluded.

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