There’s a Giant ‘Fish’ in the Saudi Arabian Desert!

Al-Ula Saudi Arabia – Mirages sometimes occur in the desert, people are sometimes deceived by the scenery in front of them. But the image of a giant ‘fish’ in the middle of the desert isn’t a mirage, it’s actually caught on camera. Photographer Khaled Al Enazi captured the unusual formation using a drone while filming … Read more

When Menparekraf Sandiaga Showcases Indonesian Batik in Doha

Doha – Menparekraf Sandiaga Uno opened a batik exhibition in Doha. This exhibition aims to further promote batik in the eyes of the world. On the sidelines of holding the 2022 World Cup, the Indonesian Embassy in Doha in collaboration with the Katara Cultural Village Foundations held a batik exhibition entitled “The Exotic Indonesian Batik … Read more

Kadispar West Sumatra: Plaza in Anai Valley Not a mall, but a square

Padang – The discourse of building a plaza in Lembah Anai gave rise to various perceptions in society. Kadispar W Sumatra explained that the meaning of plaza here is not a mall or shopping place, but a courtyard or square. Explaining this idea further, the Head of the West Sumatra Tourism Office, Luhur Budianda explained … Read more

Rossi and Honda Most Often

Jakarta – Malaysian MotoGP will be the 19th Series MotoGP 2022 which will be held this weekend (23/10/2022). If you look at his history, the MotoGP legend, Valentino Rossi, has won the most times. Then from the manufacturing side, the Honda manufacturer dominates this circuit. The MotoGP event has finally returned to Malaysian soil after … Read more

XSR Brotherhood Indonesia Collaborates with, Gives Donations to Children with Rare Diseases

Jakarta – The XSR Brotherhood Indonesia motorbike community held a national gathering in the Cilandak area, South on 15 October 2022. In the event themed “1001 Night of Friendship, Fellowship and Brotherhood”, the community involved hundreds of Yamaha XSR motorists from all over Indonesia. “Not only attended by members and non-members of the XSR Brotherhood … Read more

Power Too Wild in Low Gears

Jakarta – WithU RNF Yamaha racer, Cal Crutchlow, revealed the lack of the YZR-M1 prototype motorbike used in the 2022 MotoGP event. According to Crutchlow, the Yamaha M1 has too much power, especially when used in low gears. Yamaha has a myriad of problems in the 2022 MotoGP season competition. Having performed well with Fabio … Read more

viral! There is a ‘Titanic’ stranded in the middle of Jakarta

Jakarta – Social media was shocked by a photo of a ‘cruise ship’ in the middle of Jakarta. Investigate a calibaration, this ‘cruise ship’ is not a mode of transportation. The ‘cruise ship’ in question is the design for the Tosari TransJakarta Bus Stop building on Jalan MH Thamrin. This stop is made very similar … Read more